Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Lights out

Some of you may be aware that work for me has been, lately, exciting. Very exciting, and not in a good way. So today, instead of writing more stuff about myself, I offer you the follow two photographs I took last night whilst looking out my window between grading papers 1,221 and 1,222.

I must now grade paper 1,223, so I can't write much today. If you want to read an actual something, I recommend this post from July of 2007, when my blog was about a week old. As you will see, not much has changed.

See you tomorrow.


Annie said...

You have a wonderful view. And probably a way better camera than I have :-).

LAS said...

Yeah!! Thanks for sending me to an old post - it made my day. By the way - I love the voting that you have going on to the side right now. I remember the time my mother called me to find out what happened to her *favorite* piece of tupperware - which she had given to me containing my favorite tomato soup, and how horrified she was when she found out I had to, ahem, dispose of it. You don't even want to know what the situation in my dorm room was during my first year of college. Suffice it to say, I voted for yes, more than once.

Marlee said...

Well...at least you have a fabulous view!