Friday, February 22, 2008

Columbus Circle

I took a few pictures on my way home today. There was a snow storm today, so technically I am still within the bounds of Dark and Stormy.

More tomorrow about why this week was so stormy (and dark).


LAS said...

Oh good - I want to know why it was stormy (and dark). And by the way, I've prepared the post on the dress - I'll post it soon!

jamie said...

ok, so i have to stop commenting on just your snow picture posts, but, i love nyc [never been] and i like to look at snow [bc i am a freak] he he


ByJane said...

I got worn out after reading the feminist post and couldn't get through all the comments, so I decided to comment on this post instead. I agree with P about nuance and all, but then I can quite easily swing into the grandeur of hating everyone.

nicoleantoinette said...

This makes me miss NYC in epic proportions.

Avitable said...

It's 80 degrees out here.