Friday, February 1, 2008

Perhaps tomorrow

I promised to tell the story of Grip. I fear I cannot deliver, at least not today.

I have papers to grade this afternoon and then I am meeting Bibi to run stairs tonight. I am sure you will understand, if you glance at my Kili training to the right, how much I can't afford to skip work outs. Beyond a few runs on the treadmill and some gratuitous crunching, I have not done much. Unless you count cookie avoidance. (Which I obviously do).

I do not even have a witty and interesting way of telling you how today's post will be a whole lot of nothing.

Oh look! It's already over!

See you tomorrow. (And thank you for reading).


Effortlessly Average said...

Well at least you practice cookie avoidance. Unlike myself lately. [he says while popping the last of the vanilla Oreos into his gaping maw].


LizB said...

Avoiding cookies is easy. It's the alcohol I can't avoid. I teach; therefore I drink.

Marlee said...

Hmmmm. I do NOT practice cookie avoidance and neither do I run stairs... That explains a lot...

Liz said...


I got my mittens! Will take pictures later and post them! Thank you, thank you, thank you. It makes a trip to Pleasantville almost bearable!

Nina said...

EA, they make vanilla oreos???

LizB, indeed yes. Teaching does lead to drinking. And cookie eating, for some of us.

Marlee, I have little to show for all this stair running. Or the cookie avoiding.

Liz, oh, good! Glad they reached you in safety.

Effortlessly Average said...

Why yes, yes they do!