Thursday, January 31, 2008

Wing-a-ling dragon

Thank you to My Reflecting Pool for introducing me to Strongbad.

Oh, go ahead and click it. For a wing-a-ling dragon.


Rick said...

I first saw back in '02ish. Hilarious. Especially SB.

Trogdor is the name I use at restaurants when I'm asked to give one and I still sing, "TROGDOOOOOOORRRRR" in gnarly hair metal falsetto in very public spaces.

There's also a Trogdor game at their website where you burninate the countryside and peasants while avoiding a couple of knights in armor and arrows which zoom across the screen. Level 37 is my best. Great fun.

Avitable said...

StrongBad is absolutely hilarious.

LAS said...

When did you change the header on your blog? Is this the first post where it is different, or did I miss something?

Anonymous said...

Even my kids laugh at this stuff. he makes me smile!!!!

123V said...

I just love Pool, in general.

Nina said...

Rick, Apparently, I have been way behind the curve. Thank heavens Reflecting Pool clued me in.

Avitable, agreed - only it would be good if I stopped spending so much time on youtube.

LAS, I changed it a while back. I don't like the new heading much -I probably ought to change it again.

My Reflecting Pool, thanks again!

123V, me too!