Wednesday, January 9, 2008

What you asked

Em asked: If you could change your race what would you want it to be?

The short answer is: I don't have a race any more than anyone else does. But of course, I do. The one I resemble. If I could change my appearance, I'd like to be dark - Phillippino? Laotian? Indian? Some kind of Pacific Islander? African would be good, too, but I have to admit, I am fond of my straight, maintenance-free hair.

Effortlessly Average asked: if you were to look into a passenger side mirror with a pair of binoculars, would everything appear normal sized or would the mirror itself just appear closer?

Answer: I do not have a car - or binoculars, but my guess is that I'd see what I would normally see if I looked into a regular mirror with a pair of binoculars on front of my eyes. (Binoculars).

He also asked: What do you look for in a guy? Nothing. I haven't dated in almost two years and have no plans to start again. If I were to date, I can only tell you I know what I like when I see it. Back when I was looking, three things mattered more than any others: brains, integrity, and because I am slightly shallow (get it?) height. I 5'10" to 6'1" is perfect. Taller is acceptable, but not ideal, Shorter than 5'9" just doesn't attract me. I also like outdoor people who are not fussy and who don't care about money.

123Valerie asked: what is your favorite number, and why?

Answer: My favorite number is eight (8). I have no idea why I like it so much, but I always have.

Molly asked: If you could live inside of any book, which one would you pick and why?

Answer: What I really want to say? Bleak House. But of course, I am lying. I don't want to live all cooped up in a castle bent over my needle-work. (My life is like that right now).

Bermudabluez asked: about....are you a city girl or a country girl?

Answer: I am a country girl living happily in the city. I love being outside, so I try to get out of Manhattan as often as I can.

Avitable asked: I can't ask dirty questions? Damn it!

Answer: What your question, the answer was probably yes. So go ahead and giggle.

byJane asked: what's your dissertation [going to be] about? Or at least the title, including all ellipses and the obligatory shit after [out of] the colon.

Answer: My dissertation is about Depression Era literature having to do with post Civil War social problems involving race. The main idea is that modernity (in the form of the introduction of electrical power in the south) and other forms of technology causes anxiety similar to the anxiety caused social problems of race. Several novels demonstrate this by using unusual and striking metaphors involving the violence of change brought about by technology - and that the metaphors appear in racially charged situations. If you don't have any idea what I am talking about, congratulations. It means you are still sane.

Nightfly asked: What brought you to blogging?

Answer: I started blogging during the summer of 2007. I did so because my professional life was falling apart at the same time as my personal life, both in terms of my family and my friends, was also falling apart. With everything around me out of my control, I wanted to be able to write and create the illusion of agency that having my very! own! website! would provide. It has worked out nicely. I am a leaf in the wind of other people's plans in my real life, but THIS? This is MINE.

He also asked: My word verification is "kmarjf." What is a kmarjf? Or, how does one kmarjf? Or is it an adjective, as in "That's kmarjfy, man."

Answer: I am going to guess that kmarjf is a verb, and that the verb is regular, and that is means "observe with compassionate interest." Example "When I got to the party, I kmarjfed that Nina was wobbling down the steps with two glasses of wine."

Woodrow asked: What are you listening to? Reading? Thinking? Drinking?

Answer: I am listening to John Eliot Gardiner's "Israel in Egypt" - and when I am not listening to that, and I am listening to "Mantra Mix." I just got done reading Stumbling on Happiness by Daniel Gilbert.

It is a psychology book that explains is accessible, but scientific terms, how and why people miscalculate what will make them happy. Interesting read. I am half way through reading Larry Brown's Big Bad Love

for the 100th time at least. Before that I read Jane Austen's Northanger Abbey

and CHarles Bukowski's Ham on Rye.

Sandy asked: What was the last meal that you cooked?

Answer: Tilapia with balsamic vinegar reduction, snap peas, and mashed potatoes. I made it for my dad.

and Do you really knit a pair of mittens every week?

Answer: Yes, I do.

and Do you put dunk your oreos? If you were to eat oreos. In milk of course.

Answer: I don't eat oreos. I just don't like them much.

Cajunvegan asked: What is your most unusual nighttime ritual?

Answer: I don't really have any. I used to have an elaborate skin care ritual, but the last few years I have been more concerned with other things, like sleeping, to worry too much about eye cream. I do floss every night and put in piece of molded plastic in my mouth before I go to bed. If I didn't, I would grind my teeth to dust in my sleep.

e! asked: Mary Ann or Ginger?

Answer: Mary Ann. But I think you already knew that.

Mallory asked: What is your favorite mistake?

Answer: My favorite mistake is a guy named... oh, we'll call him Owen. Owen and I went to graduate school together and dated - or whatever you called what we were doing - for nearly two years. We never had any illusions about having a future together; he was too young for me and also, by his own admission, so screwed up from his Mormon upbringing that he wasn't really capable of a normal relationship. But we were great friends and I think we loved each other. He lives overseas now and though we are not in touch, I think of him all the time.

and What do you feel the most guilt about?

Answer: Having a pretty decent life that I would happily toss in the trashcan right now if I could figure out how to do it without going bankrupt and hurting anyone.

and f I gave you 1 million dollars and told you that you must spend it all on yourself, what would you buy?

Answer: My father's house.

Julie asked: Ok, if you had to go a day eating three meals, which I know you won't do, what would you eat? Would Turkey Meatloaf be a choice?

Answer: Yes. I do not know why I love turkey meatloaf so much. But I do.


nightfly said...

I dig your reason for blogging. I have days like that, though of course I also have days for indignant correction of the world's problems. (Those usually cause the first kind, because I hate myself for being such a kvetch.) Kmarjfy! Thanks.

Sandy said...

Thank you.

Marlee said...

Love your blog--you have such a lovely writing style!

LAS said...

I loved this - this was fun to read! But I am surprised you don't have binoculars? Really, huh. Oh - and I do the skin care thing - I wonder if it's working, but I'm too scared to stop.

jen said...

Hey lady! I have to say, I'm really digging that I found you through blog365. And my favorite number is 8 also. I have no idea why. However, I've noticed that 8 has always served me well. Can you guess what day I'm looking forward to this year? 8-8-08. We should throw a party. In New York. Because Iowa isn't exactly a party state.

e! said...

Ginger = form, Mary Ann = function... I chose function over form any day of the week :)

em said...

I read Stumbling on Happiness recently too. It was interesting.

I enjoyed reading your answers, and I do hope that everything with your data transfer was sorted out. Have a great day!

The Horny Bitch said...

I like the number 8 too.. =)

thank you for the Birthday wish... =)

Mr. Fabulous said...

You don't like Oreos?

Geez, you think you know someone...

Avitable said...


country roads said...

86 is my favourite number. And when I bought a new serta mattress, I received a stuffed counting sheep. Number 86. And, I chose serta specifically because they were giving away the sheep.

ByJane said...

I understood it perfectly, without having to parse every word. And that thrills me--that after ten years, I'm still literate in lit-speak. At least my education has stuck in some ways...

Maggie said...

Hmm, I read Stumbling on Happiness as well. I thought it was interesting, but definitely more of a statistical tome, on line with Freakanomics, than actual advice on how to be happy.

However, it is reassuring when you think you're messing up, isn't it?

My fave number is Monkeys, no ... wait, 14.

Dammit, was going to comment more but am dashing to a meeting. Nice post, dear!

Kate P said...

Strange that I was just thinking about Northanger Abbey yesterday, and here you are mentioning it!

I think it's safe for me, as someone with an English Lit degree, to tell you that your dissertation sounds cool. Which says a lot b/c a lot of times American Lit made me want to tear my hair out.

Mallory said...

8 is my favorite number, too! I know not why. But I like to think it is because it is the sign for infinity and eternity, and for everything going around and coming around again. Or, it could just be because it is all round and feminine and resembles my figure. Also, I have not dated in a few years and have no plans to find a man (or woman for that matter) any time soon. It is refreshing to meet another soloist, so to speak.

Nina said...

Nightfly, ooo, I wish I could, with great indignation, correct the world's problems.

Sandy, no problem, and thanks for coming around and reading all my nonsense. :-)

Marlee, thanks!!

LAS, taking care of your skin is a sign of stellar mental health. I was a much saner person when I was using two different eye creams. Seriously.

Jen, party at my place, 8/8/08. If I still live in New York, it's on.

e!, yes, function, every time.

Em, thanks, I did get it mostly sorted out, and I hate my job a little less today. Whew!

HB - see above. If I still live in New York on 8/8/08, I'll have a party. And it will be your 7 month birthday, too. :-)

Mr. Fab, I'll eat oreos if I am depressed or something, but generally, no. But I do like peppermint bark an whole lot.

Avitable, glad to have amused you by not amusing you. You are so easy to please.

Country Roads, ah, marketing. Delightful. I hope you like the mattress as much as you like the sheep.

ByJane, if you understood it, that's great. Would you be so kind as to write the manuscript for me? You are a much better writer and you seem like you would do a good job. Let me know.

Maggie, wow... I love 14 too. Love it. Almost as much as 8. Have a monkey day!

Kate P, hi Kate! Thanks for stopping by. Thanks for liking the sound of my dreary dissertation. If I ever get off my butt and write it... I'll be a monkey's uncle.

Mallory, I love the term soloist. I will be adopting it as my own term for my willful refusal to have feelings ever again. It's awesome, right? No boys, no trouble. (I guess that goes for girls, too).