Friday, January 4, 2008

Poise? Really??

The Recipe For Nina

3 parts Courage
2 parts Vigor
1 part Intuition

Splash of Poise

Serve over ice


LAS said...

I love these little tests and quizzes you post!

Avitable said...

Your blog voice clearly has poise.

Here's mine:

***The Recipe For Avitable***

3 parts Intensity
2 parts Bravery
1 part Cleverness

Splash of Superiority

Serve over ice

Maggie said...

You may question the poise -- whatever. But you've got to admit that the main ingredients were spot-on!

Mine gets served on the beach; how relaxing.

Nina said...

LAS, Glad someone likes them. I wish I had something substantive written each day, but as you can see, I don't. At least not lately. :-)

Avitable, thank you. Your recipe is stunningly accurate. Maggie's is too.

Maggie, Hi! I have an email in the queue from you and I am answering it at soon as I finish saying: yeah, the ingredients were not so far off, were they? And yours? Perfecto.

Anonymous said...

Ha! How fun! Here is mine:
3 parts Devilry
2 parts Mania
1 part Slyness

Splash of Fascination

Finish off with a squeeze of lime juice

imaginary binky said...

Funny, I've never seen Poise in the liquor store. Is it next to the MD 20/20?

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