Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A boring, non-historical moment at Reader

Oh, look! I am doing another meme!

Bred tagged me to do this one:

Seven Weird Things about me:

1) I floss my teeth in the shower. I don't know why I do it this way, but I always have and I am rather ashamed of it. What kind of eco-warrior lets two gallons of water spin down the drain while she flosses her teeth? Bah. Not good. Not good at all.

2) I have one kidney. OK, one and a walnut sized blip of a second. It's a long story but the short version is that I was born with something wrong with my kidneys and almost died repeatedly until I was about three, when they medical community managed to fix it. But not before removing most of one kidney.

3) Three things I don't like that everyone else does: dogs, bananas, and naps. One, dogs pee in your house. If you keep them outside, the pee in your yard. They are also as needy as babies but can't grow up and appreciate you. (I have nothing good to say about dogs). Regarding bananas, ew. Gross sticky sweet ew. Regarding naps, if I take one, I wake up disoriented and screwy and I don't know what day it is. My body knows one kind of nap. The eight hour kind called nighttime. That is all.

4) If I drink a can of beer, soda, whatever, I always rip the tab off. I don't know why, but I must do it. I must. It's kind of OCD, I know.

5) I do not eat bacon. It is not a political statement. I do not like it.

6) I used to work for a Big Fancy Bank and my job was to underwrite non-conforming loans of every variety. Need a $50,000 loan secured by a tract of swamp land, a ball of rubber bands, and a tricycle? That was my job - to make "relationship" loans. (Please note: I am now a teacher, ie, I am no longer rolling around on the floor with the devil. At least I don't think so. Wait.... I.... oh shit).

7) We lived in Europe when I was a little kid. My dad had a friend in Holland and since the two of them did the same job for two different companies, they got the OK from their bosses to trade jobs, houses, and lives for a year. We lived in Eindhoven and then moved around a bit before returning to the U.S. A few grainy pictures I unearthed from those times:

A sea of tulips:

A lane of windmills:

My brother Buzz and I walking to Berg Eltz in Germany:

And finally, Berg Eltz:

Tagged herewith: Em, e!, Supajewie, Avitable (reverse tagged for previous meme he already completed or tagged for this one if he wants to do it but I think the seven photos of seven body parts post is adequate preemptive response to this tagging. So. Also, y'all should know Avitable is making an ENORMOUS fuss over his birthday. Go see him and guess his parts or otherwise give him attention).

Just so you know, since I am NOT making an enormous fuss, tomorrow is my 38th birthday.

Also, if you are not tagged in this post or the previous one and you wish you were, please consider yourself tagged. It's hard to say who wants tagging and who doesn't. So I leave it to you.


Finn said...

How cool that you lived in Europe. Too bad you were too young to appreciate it!

And happy birthday in advance. Make a big deal over it... you're young! OK, you're younger than I am, so at least you that.

Finn said...

Have that. You have that.

I need a nap.

jen said...

Happy happy birthday!

I think you should fly me to New York and we'll celebrate!

I'll bring the bacon and bananas! And we can adopt a puppy!

Slick said...

38? Damn!

Hey, I want in on the bacon, banana, and dog party!

Woodrow said...

Maybe I'll try flossing in the shower.

I nearly died once too. Can't believe I've never told that story. It would include a donkey basketball game, a ruptured organ, and the Dallas Cowboys.

Maggie said...

The boyfriend's brother has FOUR kidneys. But only one of them works, so I don't think he can help you.
The boyfriend himself is missing part of a lung.

I have all my parts and none extra. Well, except for the portions of breasts I had willfully removed. Wish I could have donated those to science. Similar to Nina's, they Just Keep Growing, and if we could harness that power, implants would become obsolete.

If I keep writing, I may as well post my own meme. So I'll just say I never knew about this tagging thing, but I have no problem with it being done to me.

Maggie said...

BTW, I'm saving the birthday wishes for the birthday itself. But no fear, there will be no bananas.

Em said...

I don't like dogs either.

Oh, and yay, thanks for the tag! I shall most definitely do the meme.

LAS said...

Oooohhh - I love to read these things and find out things about people! I don't like dogs either and I only eat bananas if they are slightly green. Naps have the same effect on me so I rarely take them. Happy birthday in advance - you should meke a big deal out of it!

Em said...

OH! And happy birthday one day early! And I'll say it again tomorrow too. (There are a lot of birthdays coming up, including mine.)

Avitable said...

Thanks for the shout out.

I like naps, but I try to only take twenty-minute ones. It keeps me from feeling logy. And our dog is pretty much self sufficient.

I might have to mention your birthday tomorrow. If I can remember. My memory's not too good at my advanced age.

P said...

I have three vaginas. And two spleen.

But let's move on to more important things:

A birfday prezzie
Yes, left over from Christmas,
But no less snazzy.

bred said...

I don't know how I can compete with 3 vaginas... but I wanted to leave a comment nonetheless. ;)

Thanks for doing the meme... I always learn the coolest things about people, reading these.

Your admitting you don't like dogs has helped me to stand right up and say it: "My name is Breana. I don't like dogs, either."

ahhhh... whew... there, I said it. :) It isn't that I intensly dislike them, and I can even pet them for a moment or two... but I don't ever want to own one ever again. you are exactly right--they need care and attention just like a child, but they NEVER grow up!

anyway...enough dog bashing...

you better start turning off the water while you're flossing. and LOL about your little walnut sized kidney... sorry to laugh at it, but , well... you know. ;)

Ok... off to check out the band meme...

cajunvegan said...

I floss while driving. True story. Uh-huh. It works best at red lights, but I do it.

utenzi said...

Happy, happy birthday young Nina.

We might be the only two people on Earth that don't like bacon. Nasty stuff. I do like dogs, however, and I never tear off soda tabs. I'm neutral on bananas though oddly enough I did just buy a book tonight on B&N which is about them.

GirlDoes Tokyo said...

Just found your blog through Persephone, it is very funny (more so when you write in the first person. I thought it was only gmailers, Facebookers, and windowlickers who write about themselves in the third person).
"a selfish life, lacking in focus or direction... and yet still (sometimes) finding it fun" - a description all too familiar to me, too.
Don't worry about the diss. You're too good to be a PhD!

Effortlessly Average said...

1) But do you use the water jet to rinse the flossed junk away?

3) Hey, conisder the dog's point of view: you're doing worse than peeing in his water bowl!

plus: "They are also as needy as babies but can't grow up and appreciate you." Are you talking about dogs here, or men?

I'd like to be tagged, but more in the romantic sense. heh

marky said...

First time I've seen your blog. Finally I have an ally. I feel the same way about dogs. Everyone seems to have one and the dog is always in the equation. I don't hate them they just...well, you said it. p.s. cute pic of you and bro.