Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Face First into the List

I took yesterday off everything that required the tiniest wisp of effort. (OK, I might have cleaned out a closet).

Today, I turn to the list. It is five legal pad pages long and itemizes... items that must be accomplished in both the near and short term. Some items, such as "call for dental appointment" can be crossed out in less than a minute. Others, such as "conquer your daddy issues" are so intimidating that they can send a person into bed with a book and a pint of ice cream* before she even turns to the yellow pages to find a reputable therapist.**

So that I don't upset myself by trying too hard today, only items on the housework and home improvement sectors of the list will be attempted. Go ahead and be a little impressed, because that sector includes the item where I go to the local hardware store and rent a carpet cleaner. I might post before and after pictures. It depends on whether the "buy a decent camera" item gets crossed off before or after I drag my ass into the hardware store. Also featured prominently on today's agenda: "don't be so gross."

Because I know that lately, you have come to expect from my a never-ending litany of online quiz results, I give you this:

If my passion for integrity kicks in - you know - between scrubbing the floor under my refrigerator and shaving the pills off my sweaters - I'll write a post about why I love other people's old dish towels. I know you won't want to miss that.

Happy New Year.*** (And thank you for reading).

*No, I do not eat ice cream in bed. I am gross, but not that gross.

** Headologist Bootstraps is about to get fired on account of her reluctance to prescribe even reasonable, tiny little doses of Xanax and her love prescribing dangerous mood stabilizing drugs that I do not need.

*** Will somebody please explain why we need to capitalize all three words of this phrase? I know there is a reason, but I don't know what it is. Hm.


Woodrow said...

It's a name? New York City?

LAS said...

Is it really that bad to eat ice cream in bed? Hmm. I would love to know about the dishtowels and I find your list impressive. I keep my list in my head - if I wrote it down, I might freak out.

Nina said...

Woodrow, yes, that is probably the reason. Welcome back and Happy New Year.

LAS, It's probably ok to eat ice cream in bed as long as you don't fall asleep with it. I try not to ever eat in bed though, because, well. Crumbs and just, well. I don't know. Dishtowels, yes. Tomorrow, a very exciting and long anticipated post about dishtowels. I will make it happen.

Anonymous said...

HNY is a special event ... a holiday ... a greeting.

Yeah, I think that is it.

Neen said...

I have a feeling I am going to love reading your blog here. Good luck on Blog 365!

nicoleantoinette said...

I keep a notebook with me in my purse at all times and I have like a ZILLION lists going. Now that it's finally time to *do* something about it, I sort of want to just lay in bed and eat ice cream.. Haha, no?

(Oh, and I see the polls are closed on the least favorite word voting, but how did everyone not pick moist? I hate the word moist. God. And the word ointment. And poultry.)

utenzi said...

Happy New Year to you also, Nina. I was passing very near to you a few days ago. I went hiking in upstate SC, a little past Keowee Toxaway, and passed by Lake Keowee on the drive there.

Nicole said...

You don't eat ice cream in bed? I'm disappointed ;)!

And the place under the fridge? Can I leave that one alone until we move out of here (it's a "rent it furnished" place ;) )

Carpet cleaning, mh, I have guys downstairs in the Laundry shop, they come, pick it up and bring it back clean. For, uhm, 8 Dollars. Shall I send them over?

Are you posting out of the US? (Just "need" it for my blogroll :)

Catch you later :)!

P.S.: Thanks to you I know now that I'm 65% geeky - yeikes ;)

em said...

What's wrong with eating ice cream in bed?

alto artist said...

I am impressed that you have one big list! Mine are on little scraps of paper all over my desk. In my irrational view, because you can throw out the paper when you've crossed off the three things to do, somehow it seems like you have lots less left to do. Whereas one big piece of paper is always one big piece of paper.

(This method of psyching myself out works for about 5 minutes, and then I remember the other 451 items on the little pieces of paper, and freeze and don't do them.)


Nina said...

cajunvegan, you're probably right.

neen, thank you! I'll be reading yours too.

nicoleantionette, how RIGHT you are. How could I have missed ointment. Ugh. I may need to re-run the survey. I have been meaning to post about the specialness of these words but I keep getting distracted. Hm. Regarding lists, yeah... mine is now six pages long. I'm scared.

Utenzi, I love that part of the country... let's cross kayaks one day in the next 365 if we can manage it.

Nicole, you have the whole home improvement and maintenance thing completely licked. I should be more like. And yes, I am posting out of the US, New York City. 65% isn't so bad. It's quite good, actually.

Em, nothing! And welcome back!

Alto artists, Yes, the list is too big and the smaller bits of paper idea is a good one. The only problem is I'd just lose the bits and then I'd never do the things - which is how it turns out anyway, so I guess there is no difference. Thanks for stopping by and commenting... and Happy New Year!