Wednesday, January 16, 2008

In which I say absolutely nothing

Welcome to my post about nothing.

I have to leave for work twenty-two minutes ago and this day is very tricky for me as it involves: a trip to the shrink, a stop at the drug store, a mad dash into a bar to recover a ball of yarn I lost last night, six hours of paper grading, packing for North Carolina, and answering about 40 emails. Also I have to get my eyebrows waxed and buy a new hair dryer and I think I might have agreed to a two hour tutoring gig at Barnes and Noble in Union Square but I couldn't swear to it, so I have to check my blackberry. Where is my blackberry? I think I left it in a taxi on my way back from where it was I went at 7am this morning. Where was that, anyway? Oh, right. It was the shrink. At 7am.

(None of the emails I answer will be the one you sent me. I will also fail to visit your blog until sometime on Friday. Please forgive me).

Thank you for reading my post about nothing. I'll see you tomorrow.


utenzi said...

Feel free to drop by when you're in NC, Nina. :-)

It's not looking good for you to make it into work if you're blogging whilst already 22 minutes late. Bummer.

Maggie said...

You should totally go to Duane Reade and get the Vidal Sassoon with IONIC POWER (or whatever they call it). Ions are the absolute best hair you will get for $30 or less.

Also, no worries about e-mails, I just want to know if your package arrived safely.

Yay for NC and happy celebratory family visit!

nicoleantoinette said...

Um, I love the B&N in U Sq.

God. The responding to the emails. Why am I SO BAD AT THIS?!

Jennifer said...


Loved you post yesteday... I don't think I got to comment. Sorry. Anyway. I hope you enjoy your busy day, although I'm sure stressful at least it should go pretty fast. :) I also hope you enjoy your trip to NC... I wish I was going some where warmer. :S
Better get going before I'm running late to get my son from the bus.
Happy & safe travels to you!
Hugs, Jenn

Jennifer Griffin-Wiesner said...

Your. blog. rocks.

P said...

Dude - I have bad associations with the B&N on 14th Street. Someone is always wanking into a book while looking all...nonchalant. What is *up* with that?

Also: Where you knitting in the bar when you lost the yarn?

bermudabluez said...

I'm assuming you got to work late...enjoy your trip!

Willowtree said...

This post about nothing has more in it than anything I've written in the past 2 years!

Marlee said...

Well, your posts about "nothing" are much more entertaining than most people's posts about "something"... ;)