Friday, January 25, 2008

Hello, Kitty

I walked into the office at Panic Hire University this morning to pick up my syllabi and course contracts.

"Hi Dominique," said I. "Do you have my paperwork?"

"No," said she. She then took her crystal encrusted Hello Kitty phone out and started tapping at it. IM, perhaps?

"So, Dominique, the paperwork. Where is it?" I tried again.

She looked up, startled to see that I was still in the room. One of her acrylic nails was caught in the keys of phone in mid-IM flurry. Most distressing.

"The Print Shop lost everything. They can't find any of your stuff."

"They lost it?" said I.

"Yeah, they can't find it. So, you know, it's gone." Her phone wiggled a little. Very shiny.

"Oh, dear," said I. "What shall we do?"

She, still tapping furiously, still sighing dramatically, still outraged that I was in her office, replied, "I don't know. Why don't you have your OWN copier?" Then her little head bobbed back down to the sparkly as if the matter were closed.

Not kidding.

Why oh why did I agree to work for these sloppy, unethical people again?

Oh yes. For the money. Yes. So I could go to Tanzania. Exactly.

Hey! Did y'all notice that I went to gym last night? Hm?

Ok, back to work.

Have a good weekend. And thank you for reading.


Finn said...

Good job on the gym.

As for the other... just keep saying "money, money, money." A little booze wouldn't hurt either. ;)

nicoleantoinette said...

Did you work out extra hard for me too? because I absolutely did not make it to the gym last night. I ate cookies though...

LAS said...

That place seems suspicious!

P said...

You agreed to work for them so that you could have enough money to BUY YOUR OWN COPIER!

utenzi said...

I didn't notice the gym visit, Nina, but I'm quite impressed.

Avitable said...

I'm surprised it's not the teachers who shoot up universities.

Marlee said...

I DID notice you went to the gym; your butt looks MUCH smaller today. ;)

And *I* want a Hello Kitty phone!!!

Anonymous said...

Seriously. SUPERHERO.

LizB said...

I agree with Avitable. :::snicker:::

imaginary binky said...

Clearly, you are not speaking her language. You should have walked into the office and pulled out your own rhinestone-studded Hello Kitty phone, then texted the following:

"hellu! Where is my paperwork? LOLZ! TTYL! SWAK!"