Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sin of the week, 1/13/08 - and announcements

This week's crime is so uninteresting that it's hardly worth writing about, but I'll do it because this blog is anonymous (despite my Christmas indiscretion) and it'll make you beautiful people feel better about yourselves.

This week I hated my job. And as usual, you all were supportive and intelligent and took reams of time to write beautiful comments to comfort me in my time of need and make me feel like less of a failure.

What I did not disclose is why I hated my job so much. Here's the why:

I really, really fucked something up and I got caught. And that's not all: I lied to my boss about it and she believed me - and now everything is perfectly fine because, hey, I lied about it and consequently got away with being lazy and incompetent - AGAIN. (I have been getting away with this for my entire life).

I am not even going to give you the low down on what I did and what various temptations and allurements of the evil one were involved. We're just going to let the discussion end here.

Ok? Ok.

Announcement the first:

I have noticed some things about this blog that are just not right - so I am going to be relabeling some posts, adding some features and rearranging things in the next few days. If you suddenly have hundreds of posts in your feed reader because I revised slightly and changed a category, just mark them all as read and get on with your day. If you show up and things look all different and you hate it, you'll probably adjust, so sorry in advance for the momentary shock you probably won't get.

Announcement the second:

I have something else to announce but I can't reveal it until Tuesday. The announcement will include one short back-story of the "love" variety, one occurrence of the phrase "cowboy-up" and several (honorable) mentions of common garden implements, fried chicken, and key lime pie. So come and see me on Tuesday, if not before.

Oh, and I love you. Also, you are beautiful. Did I say I love you yet? Because I do. *air kiss*


nicoleantoinette said...

I love fried chicken. I also get away with being lazy because I'm a spectacular liar.

LAS said...

Oh man - I have to wait until Tuesday!! Not fair. Can I post my sin of the week here every Sunday in the comments? It really took a load off last week when I did. Okay - so here goes - I also fucked something up last week at work and lied about it. Phew. Oh one more - I've been lying to my sponsor left and right (no no - not about being sober - just about everything else). Ahhh, I feel better.

Anonymous said...

Do you love that chicken from Popeye's? Picked some up last night. It's totally not Weight Watchers friendly, and I devoured many points for the week. You cannot skip the skin.

This is so the pot calling the kettle black, but this is one of my favorite quotes:

"Laziness may appear attractive, but work gives satisfaction."
- Anne Frank

Here's to a better week!

em said...

Interesting. I shall look forward to Tuesday then.

LAS said...

Can I post another sin? This one is really bad - we are talking, oh shit bad. Both my brother and I forgot to call our mother on her birthday on Wednesday. I would defend myself - but I'm not going to. You probably know from reading my blog a bit what my relationship with her is like - and that really says it all doesn't it. But I just thought, whoa, we both forgot. That's pretty bad. So - you can feel better about yourself! I'm the real shit head this week!

The Horny Bitch said...

Love you too!!!

storyteller said...

Thanks for visiting Small Reflections a couple of times this weekend. I'm looking forward to catching up with you here, but (alas) my busy life is getting in the way. I figured I'd drop by and wish you a wonderful week, but now I've made a note to return tomorrow to see what your news is. (sneaky of you to do this thing, but perhaps I'll borrow the idea myself?) LOL
Hugs and blessings,

Avitable said...

You were totally talking to me. I love you too.

nightfly said...

Argh! I have the hockey tomorrow, I will probably not see the announcement until Wednesday. Luckily Wedsnesday is one of my favorite words, but still. I'm sad now.

P said...

Not only am I lazy and incompetent, but I'm a suck-ass liar. This is annoying and highly inconvenient.

I am excited to hear tales about past loves. Re your new format? Can I make a suggestion? About the background? Can we change it from black to white so that when I read your blog from work, it looks more like a work-related website? Thank you.

Nina said...

nicoleantoinette, mmm fried stuff is tasty. I wish I were a worse liar because then maybe I would stop doing it so much. Bah.

LAS, well if you can't lie to your sponsor, who CAN you lie to? I am thinking of getting a sponsor just so I can lie some more and get away with it (I am awesome at this - trust me). (Also I am totally kidding). And yes, post your crimes. It makes me feel better, too.

Cajunvegan, I have ever tried Popeye's fried chicken, but I shall do so when I am in the south this weekend. I don't believe we have Popeye's up here. Regarding the attractiveness and the laziness and the work and satisfaction, all true. I have worked a whole three hours today. I am satisfied.

Em, you might need to lay in supplies because the post is getting very long. I will try to edit it down so you can finish reading it without having to take breaks. I can only promise that it will be a) sad b) funny c) not that sad in the end d) worth reading. See you there, I hope.

LAS, I think it's just delightful that you didn't call your mother on her birthday. What does she want, attention for being born? You weren't even THERE yet. The fact that your brother didn't bother either is even better.

Gosh I am mean. Stop listening to me. I should be boiled in rolling corduroy.

H-B (((((H-B)))))) :-)

Storyteller - you are in my feed reader - so I try to pop in every day. You are no under no obligation to try to get addicted to my blog just because I am addicted to yours, but thanks for stopping by. :-)

Avitable, I saw your video post. I love Mrs. A, too. Gosh she is pretty. Where did you find her? Also she sounds a little bit like she is from Minnesota, which makes her even more attractive. Did I say yet that she is pretty. Gosh, she is pretty and she seems to like you an awful lot. So romantic and sweet. If I go to law school, will I find a sweet Minnesotan person who will love me and my bad fee, too? If so, I may try it.

Nightfly, oooo hockey. You don't want to miss that. Plus the post will take you at least half of Wednesday to read, so there is no hurry. So don't be sad.

P, if I can make myself look thinner and prettier and smarter by turning the background white, I will do so. If not, I will, uh, consider it. Maybe. :-)

Avitable said...

No Minnesotan accent - Nashville, actually.

And yes, we met in law school. I was a one of a kind, though, so I don't know if that venue will bring you happiness.