Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sin of the week, 1/20/08

Buckle-up. You are going to love this.

My flight on Thursday morning was full, very full. Since I took the bus to the airport, I just barely made the check-in cut off, and I was waiting at the gate when I realized that the flight was overbooked and I had no seat assignment.

Three people volunteered to stay behind, but they needed a fourth. No one was volunteering. Boarding started.

So what did I do?

I walked up to the desk and said, "Ma'am, I need to be on this flight. Am I the only person without a seat assignment?"

"No," she said. "But you are the only person checked in without one." This confused me.

"Look," I said. "I need to be on this flight. It's an emergency."

She looked askance at me.

"I need to be on this flight because I have a sick relative. My, uh, father, in fact, is very sick. I can't miss this flight."

** I'll give y'all a moment to gasp and clutch the sides of your head in abject horror.**

"If you'll wait just a second," she said, "I can get you a seat."

And she did. I don't know if lying to her about what was recently true but is now no longer true had any effect, but gosh, do I feel dirty. Slimy pond scummy silty muck dirty, even.

Can anyone top that?


Neen said...

Change father to child needing to go for a medical test (begin tears) getting a someone cancelled an appointment with the specialist and daughter got bumped up I need to get home today, that is what I did once. No I didn't feel gulity either.

ByJane said...

How about this: I had just graduated from college and went to live in Philly. It's a long story how that happened, but it did and I ended up in a very fancy skyscraper building on Benjamin Franklin Parkway. I was quite soon a pathetic noodle, seeing as the only person I knew in Philly was my college roommate and she was busy with her new husband. And my job--editorial at, ahem!, Farm Journal Monthly or Weekly or something. I assisted the fiction editor, which mainly meant I read dreadful manuscripts. As I say, I was quite soon a pathetic noodle, but one who had signed a year-long lease. So my mother called the landlord and told him I didn't know she was calling, but he had to let me out of the lease because I was just diagnosed with cancer, only I didn't know it yet and I had to come home for treatment, or to die. He broke the lease. My family does/did stuff like that all the time. Is it wrong??????

Avitable said...

I do that type of thing all the time. I never wait in line.

Woodrow said...

Yeah, that was pretty sorry. But I forgive you ;)

LAS said...

That totally sounds like something I would do! Let's see - I was going to post my sins here in the comments on Sundays. Okay, so, slacked off at work big time this week (which I feel bad about because Friday was pay day), lied to a sponsee (this is only bad because it's the same sponsee whose case I got on for lying to me - okay, maybe that isn't the only reason it's bad), and I let my ex-fiance take me to dinner on Sat. night. Gasp. That is bad, for a whole variety of reasons.

cajunvegan said...

Although I don't think I can top your sin, I did tell three giggling teenage girls in the movie theater "HELL NO!" earlier tonight when they asked if this was a good place to sit and delighted myself when they moved to another section.

And, no, I was not ashamed of myself either. I deal with too much of that giggling teenage girl crap at work. I don't want to hear it on my day off in a movie theater with at least 100 empty seats.

Maggie said...

I do love it, that was an excellent airport story!

And no, do not feel guilty. I say after something you have gone through this past year, you get at least a few months of earned pity for recovery.

My sin this week is feeling sorry for myself, in every possible way.

Also? I still haven't written that stuff that's past deadline, the pieces that the Captain spanked me about in my dream.

Nor my Christmas cards...

clickmom said...

I lied my way through college claiming to be deaf in one ear so I could get the first row seat which I happened to prefer but did not require since my hearing is just fine.

Jennifer said...

You go girl!! You didn't have to wait and really you shouldn't have. The other 3 offered to stay... duh! Their fault. You didn't totally lie either.. you said your dad was sick... true fact that he once was sick. Play on words... not a big deal. :) No worries... and don't feel bad, everyone does this sort of thing every now and then... don't they?? I know I do. :)
Hugs, Jenn

utenzi said...

That doesn't seem like too much of a stretch of the truth, Nina. Your father was deathly ill until recently and you were going to NC which is next to SC. Pretty close to the truth.