Tuesday, January 1, 2008


I am going to start Blog365 like a total pansy by posting almost nothing except the number of five year olds I could, uh, take in a fight. Yeah, that's it.


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ByJane said...

If I could vote, I'd vote for Spunk. Which sounds like something Moist that emits from a Torso. But what does Corduroy have to do with it all????

Avitable said...

It's an auspicious start.

It's easier than it seems to blog every day. Once you start, you won't want to stop!

Oh fuck, now I have to go write my post for tomorrow. Damn it.

nicoleantoinette said...

Haaha- this is such a funny post. Good luck with Blog365!!

~grace~ said...

hey, this is important info to have...you need to know your capabilities if you're ever in a situation where you need to fight five-year olds.

utenzi said...

That's one online quiz I'm just not going to take, Nina. There's probably FBI agents taking down every name (or ISP address) that visits the site! It's best to leave 5 year olds alone! ;-)

em said...

I tried to take the quiz but all I got was some dating site instead of my score. I'm really disappointed too. I bet I could take on a bunch of those little guys.

Nina said...

Jane, I really have to get around to the post about corduroy, moist, torso, and spunk. Perhaps it will be tomorrow, after I am done posting tips on happiness. I never though blog365 would leave me with so many ideas.

Avitable, so far, it's not that hard. Also, I realized when I looked back that I have not taken a day off since mid October, anyway. So whatever. It'll be ok.

Nicoleantionette, thanks for stopping by.. and good luck to you, too. I read your most recent post last night, and I'll definitely be back.

Grace, thanks for stopping by. Yes, I think it's good to know what I a pansy I'd be if I had to fight little kids. I now know that I should simply run.

Utenzi, excellent point. I now understand what all these hits from the Pentagon are coming from.

Em's home! I'll try to send you a good link. The quiz might have expired, however, since I was saving it for a moment of desperation. I was desperate on New Years Day, so up it went.