Wednesday, January 23, 2008

You girls break my cab!

I got an email from "anonymous" yesterday.

Dear Nina,




Anonymous, you make a valid point. The blog was better when I wrote more about doing things rather than thinking real hard about things. (My life was better, too).

So anonymous, I hear and I obey and report that Bibi, Sri, Mischa and I booked a trip to Tanzania today. The itinerary includes a 5 day safari, a 7 day ascent of Mt. Kilimanjaro, and 5 days at the beach in Zanzibar.

Of course, the centerpiece of the trip is the climb.

Some quick facts about Kili:

1) the summit is 19340 feet above sea level
2) the climb takes 5-8 days depending on the route
3) you camp on the way (no showers or hot water)
4) the route includes 5 climate changes - which means lots of gear
5) 14,000 people per year attempt the climb
6) 60% do not make it to the summit
7) altitude sickness is the primary reason people do not summit

We started our quest for mountaineering greatness by having a whole bunch of beers and a little bit of cake.

Then we demonstrated yoga poses for each other in the taxi on the way home. (Please note: taxi drivers do not like this at all).

I have added to my already copious sidebar a record of my training, which I will update every day until we depart. As you can see, I have done absolutely nothing but resist two cookies (the cake probably puts me back down at at zero, but I ain't changin' it. Those cookies looked good).

PS Nobody tell my brother that I am deliberately going to the country that is next door to Kenya on one side and Rwanda on the other. Thank you.


Em said...

"Cookies resisted: 2" That's funny.

I have to say I am sort of confused as to what exactly this picture is. . .a plate with chocolate sauce spelling happy b-day, a blob of cake or a donut hole or something with a candle and what in the hell is that round brown. . . blob?

(The taxi picture I understand)

Finn said...

Rock climbing? Rock climbing? Really? Wow.

I'm impressed. Especially about the cookies.

P said...

Oh hurray! An adventure! I'm excited for you, except for the strenuous exercise/no cookies part, which sounds like suckage to me.

Anonymous said...

Wow. You're like a superhero.

nicoleantoinette said...

I'm trying to live a more active lifestyle and this post was amazingly inspiring. I can't wait to hear about this trip...

Jennifer Griffin-Wiesner said...

Have I told you that your blog rocks? Your blog rocks. So do your drawings.

Kate P said...

Wow, yoga in a moving cab after beer and cake!? Cool!!! How much yoga do I have to practice before I can do that too?

imaginary binky said...

Yoga in a cab, climbing Kilimanjaro, and eating what looks like a Betty Crocker Oven cake? Woohoo! Hot damn, woman. You are strong like bull.

Jennifer said...

sounds like an awesome trip you have planned. ;)
yoga in a moving cab... pretty freakin' impressive! i guess turing 38 isn't slowing you down at all. you go girl!! :)

utenzi said...

More power to you, Nina. I'm way too lazy for an endeavor like that but I'd be more than happy to watch a documentary about your climb on my new television. :-)

DumDiDum said...

Hi Nina!

I've been searching for a girl's blog on life, climbing, temptation, mountaineering, a bit of fashion, perhaps, and just everything wrapped into one.

I really miss a down to earth blog or two although I daily stop by a couple of very girly ones. Do you recommend any particular blogs? I for sure will link to your blog from mine. Good luck on your trip to Kilimanjaro! I'm going to Nepal in May myself and should also start exercising VERY soon... :)

Effortlessly Average said...

Aw maaaan; I wanna go!

yes I'm whining. Sue me.


Dan said...

Sounds like a fantastic adventure.

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