Saturday, January 5, 2008

Praise the Giraffe

A few weeks ago I wrote a long serious post about my mother and misery and redemption - and right in the middle of it, I posted a drawing of a seven legged giraffe wearing pink ballet tights. And you know what? Everyone who commented was supportive and intelligent and kind and perfectly comment-lovely except for one thing.

No one praised my giraffe.

No one praised my giraffe!

Please take this opportunity to comment of my giraffe making skills.*

Thank you.

*I'll post again later. I haven't written anything for today yet and I would like a few giraffe comments for encouragement. Ok? Ok.


em said...

Well, I must say that Giraffe is really lovely. The tights are quite flattering. :-)

Maggie said...

Okay, well the giraffe is no monkey... but for non-simiam animal art, I have to say it's gorgeous.

storyteller said...

I confess, this is my 1st visit to your blog thus I didn't see the sketch previously in the midst of your post. In scanning the Megafeed for Blog 365, the title jumped out at me and I had to see because ...
I love giraffes from horn to hoof.
They're dignified, yet not aloof.
Although they give my heart a tug,
Giraffe's are much too tall to hug.

Actually I have a house full of giraffes collected over the years when people started giving them to me. Methinks they were trying to tell me to stick my neck out and that's what I did not quite 11 weeks ago when I started blogging. Nice to meet you and your unique giraffe.
Hugs and blessings,

Anonymous said...

I trackbacked and read the original post which featured the MOST LOVELY AND STUNNING GIRAFFE ever.

Is it too soon in our iFriendship to hug?

Yes? Oh. I'll stay over here then.

Mallory said...

That is, without question or doubt, the lovliest seven-legged giraffe in pink tights I've ever seen. Seriously, you are quite a fine artist!

Anonymous said...

Did you know that people hunt down giraffes and use their tails to make good luck bracelets?


As for your giraffe making skills ... surreal.

Joel said...

It's a lovely giraffe, Nina. I'm no connoisseur of Giraffa camelopardalis, but even I can see that this is a truly phenomenal specimen of the rare, downwind-from-Hanford seven-legged variety.

LizB said...

So, why DOES the giraffe have so many legs? It is adorable, though, now that you point it out. Goofy girl.

Sandy said...

I just love that you placed a hand drawn giraffe into an emotionally charged post!
Love it! (and the giraffe!)

~grace~ said...

your mutant talking giraffe is quite adorable and brightened my day considerably.

Molly said...

Why, what a lovely giraffe.

And my blog is apparently rated G, which depresses me greatly, though my mother and my mother in law and maybe even google-smart students read it... bummer.

lisa's chaos said...

That is the most beautiful giraffe I have ever seen. Mayeb the next one can have a tu-tu. :)

Woodrow said...

Seven legs, but only three thighs. Interesting. I bet it had a hellahard time finding tights.

Nina said...

Em, thank you!

Maggie, check email later today for important monkey news.

Storyteller, thanks for stopping by and commenting. I like giraffes, too.

Jen, ((hug)).

Mallory, thank you! I am pleased with the giraffe, too.

Cajunvegan, giraffe murder? Heavens, no. Certainly not for a good luck charm.

Joel, thank you! and thank you for the informative link, too. :-)

LizB, it has so many legs because my mother said so, and yes, I am goofy. I come by it honestly.

Sandy, thanks for stopping by and praising my giraffe.

Grace, glad to brighten your day - it's no monkey, I know.

Molly, swearing does not get your rating into R territory. Talk about drugs a little bit. That's what got me an R rating.

Lisa's Chaos, I considered putting tutus on my fruit flies. That would have been hard to do, as I don't have a sewing machine.

Woodrow, I spit coffee onto my keyboard when I read your comment. Thanks.

Liz said...

nice giraffe

Anonymous said...

Nice giraffe. My dog couldn't do better.

Mrs. Who said...

Since when have you been peeking in on my dreams? Saw one of these just the other night, lol!

I bet the giraffe loves the convenience of the tail-hole!

Avitable said...

I would like to marry that giraffe.

utenzi said...

PETA wants to talk to you about that picture, Nina. Apparently they're willing to forgive us scientists for what we do to rodents now that they have witnessed that poor giraffe. Or at least put us to the side for a while...

Nina said...

Liz, thanks!

My Reflecting Pool, thanks - and I am sure your dog is quite an artist.

Mrs. Who, the giraffe requested the tail hole as I was drawing on the tights.

Avitable, the giraffe is flighty and emotional and fears commitment. But she is flattered by your sentiments.

Utenzi, mmm PETA. I love those. Oh wait. You are referring to the animal rights folks. Well, my giraffe isn't suffering much. She is pleased with her tights and has never heard of lab animals. I won't tell her if you won't.