Wednesday, October 24, 2007

People hate me. (Some people, anyway).

I made a few changes to my blog recently, and one was to add an email button at the bottom of each post. Wow. I had no idea such a bitty change would result in the knowledge that so many people hate me, my blog, or both. A sample, or four:

First of all, put your real name on your blog, you coward.
Seconnd of all, if you think it is ok to milk a guy for hundreds of dollars and then not put out, you have no idea what year it is. People have sex. Its not normal to NOT have sex. And you shouldn't let a guy by you anything unless you are going to put out. your probably ugly anyway, or you wouldn't make such a big deal out of everything. Get a life!

Nina says: I see you took a break from laying down with men who don't care about you so you could type 'men are mean to me' into your search engine and mysteriously find my blog. Message there, don't you think?
PS. I am probably better looking than you are - and if not, at least I can spell and use an apostrophe.

If you are going to have these BS posts about stuff you do wrong, as least fuck some guy instead of kissing him. Or get some really bad to do. Steal something or something. Also, not calling boys is completely old fashioned and no one cares about who calls who any more. I agree that you shouldn't sleep with someone if you don't want to but you should at least make sure the guy gets off. It's only fare.

Nina says: Anon2, to sleep with a guy because it's "fare" ? Well I guess it is "fare" if he paid you. Then it would be only "fair". Just for you, I'll try to commit grand larceny or something or something or something. Thank you for stopping by.

I find it shocking and wrong that you can go out and get drunk and go rock climbing!!!!!! when you dad is dying. Why aren't you at home?

Nina says: Anon3, read the archives. Shocking and wrong? How very inefficient of you. Did you ever take a writing class, ever, in your life? And also, fuck you. (!!!!!!!!!!).

Dear Dina,
Its clear that you have been brought up Catholic, but have abandoned the faith. You love and respect your father and his faith, but have so little yourself. To waste such a good upbridging and such an example is not what your father would want. Do you remember how to pray? I will be praying for your return of faith and your return to the Church.
Mrs. ___________.

Nina says: I remember how to pray in three languages. There is no language under heaven that describes what it feels like to lose my dad. But since you think it's ok to judge me, back atcha: take a look at the seven deadly sins, especially pride - and take a good look in the mirror. I'll also be praying that you learn to spell and use an apostrophe (in Jesus name, of course).

Another result of the change is an avalanche of email about my dad, sympathizing and offering support - and on one occassion recommending acupuncture and Chinese herbs. I am humbled by how many of you bothered to write something, anything to try to make me or him feel better. If you are one of those, you have my sincere gratitude. Because of you, I have just a little bit of hope that after this is all over, I won't be in a padded cell somewhere.

Thank you for reading.

PS go ahead and send more hate mail, people. It's fun to read and it doesn't hurt my feelings.


LizB said...

OMFG. This is why I hate stupid people. Glad to see you aren't letting these a-holes get you down!

Joel said...

what a bunch of losers!

nice to see they only had the balls to leave you a message like that anonymously!

Knurd said...

What scares me is Anon 1's outlook on relationships. And Anon 2's comment sounds like mind-control.