Friday, October 26, 2007

Now 100% less cool. I know.

Forget please that I just did the worst thing I could do to you, namely, posting a picture of my cat and accompanied by a POEM. And acting like my loud, needy cat composed it.

Forget about that. It's in the past, like three hours ago. Bygones.

If I were just a little bit more of a jerk, I would post what "cool" people are posting today, namely, the two girls, one cup video. I will not do it. And you, reader, should not watch it. But if you want to watch videos of people watching the video, I am okay with that.

But don't, as in DO NOT watch the two girls, one cup video. Ever.

Have a great weekend. (And thank you for reading).


Woodrow said...

Despite the warnings I went to youtube in search, but all I found were more reactions. What's so gross?

LizB said...
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LizB said...

After watching the reactions, I found the actual video, because I am just curious like that. I am now horrified and must take a shower. For 45 minutes. Followed by sleep. Followed by a drink.