Monday, October 15, 2007


For those of you who asked:

How is your dad?

Gloriously well, aside from the cancer part. He is nearly done with the rock wall and has started the deck work - and is also running plumbing and electricity down from the house. He is going fishing with his buddies this weekend. When I asked him if I could do anything for him, he said "Pray that God takes the leukemia away." *gulp*. "Ok."

Why are you reading so many 19th century novels?

Avoidance, denial, unsociability, and also, well, they are so very good. When I finish with Austen, I am going to pick up The Foundling - or Tom Jones. Delightful. Don't judge me, please. I rock climb, too. That means I am only .843434% a sissy.

What's your status regarding your vow to drink less?

Doing well, except for the two beers I shotgunned at 4am last night because I couldn't sleep. If you can't drink for medicinal purposes, when can you? Besides, I was out of opium. So there.

Did you ever go out for drinks with that guy?



Didn't want to. Time much better spent pressing my linens and reading 19th C novels. What???

Are you going to call Merry and Lola today and start being a really active living useful sort of person?

Yes. As soon as I finish Emma but before I start Pride and Prejudice. I am sure they will (not) understand, but I am equally sure that with enough supplication, they will only like me .47399% less than they did before. They are pretty forgiving people. (I have no choice but to hope so, have I?)

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