Thursday, October 18, 2007

Comments are the New Blog

If y'all didn't get in on the comments from my recent post regarding men and all their parts, (and you are not easily freaked out)do so. Unbelievable wealth of information there.

Update regarding that situation: Nameless Friend did ask her manfriend for more information. He was a good sport about it, but could not resist making fun of her just a little bit... (what did you THINK was under there? An umbrella? A tire iron? A terrarium???) Summary of information: what reader Joel said - plus he also said something to the effect of "it's mostly just like all the other ones. It isn't likely to get injured or anything. Don't worry so much." To which she replied something to the effect of "Gosh thanks but you are still in charge of telling me if I am doing anything wrong."

*sigh*. It's just so romantic, isn't it?

One thing I can't resist mentioning, just because... no, I am NOT nameless friend. I am not dating anyone (ban still in place, threatening permanence) but if I were "out there" I would not refuse to date a man who had all his parts. I would date him if I liked him, but I would sure as hell ask for the unabridged info. Info is good.


Joel said...

good to hear he was a good sport! it probably wasn't the first time he encountered a woman who wasn't exactly sure what to do about it.

i am EXTREMELY glad to hear that she seems to have gotten over her fear of "touching" it.

oddly enough, i do keep a tire iron under mine. its cheap storage! :p

they really aren't likely to become injured. he's managed to make it this far into his life with no problems, hey?

and i am glad to hear you would be okay with dating an intact man.

Anonymous said...

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