Sunday, October 14, 2007

Sin of the Week, 10/14/07

The worst thing I did this week... not a hell of a lot. This week completely sucked, but did not include any spectacular crimes unless you count:

a) a vodka bender
b) blowing off a whole lot of people, most notably Lola and Merry because I am "not taking it well."
c) worrying my brother half to death because I am "not taking it well."
d) eating french fries at 1 in the morning because I am "not taking it well."
e) calling out sick due to crazy bad insomnia and also just "not taking it well."
f) wearing Supajewie out with my typing because I am... see above.
g) pointing out to Bibi (again) why the way Larry behaved at the party was fucked up and
h) in the process, making Bibi sad
i) conferring with Pax and concluding that no, there is nothing anyone can do about Larry, and
j) feeling not really very sorry that Larry is now wraith-like and pale and so paranoid he can't walk down the block without "texting in" to someone, usually Pax. Also, he is still scratching his skin half off and no, I don't feel too much compassion on that subject, either.
K) sucking all the hope out of the room re: Larry, and possible improvement
k) telling Sri that no, she should not call Eliot. Because hello! No calling boys. Just, no. And by telling her so, making her sad.

One might infer, then, that my week was composed of a number of lesser crimes all orchestrated to make other people worried or sad. Which is not so good, but better than actually carrying out that all those plans I had to..... never mind.

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mohanalakshmi said...

Actually, take off, "telling her not to call boys" (But leave on making her sad, if that's a sin). Because, actually, that's the best advice anyone can give.

I mean - if he's into her - he'll call.

They always do.

Are facts sins?