Wednesday, October 17, 2007

And you thought I was kidding.

Below, pictures of needle work in progress:

This above is a hat I made for Liam two winters ago. He has outgrown it - and so I must now make another. It's not cold yet, but it will be.

The above is a pair of booties I recently made for the newborn daughter of the cashier who sells me coffee every morning. $1.35 every day. He lives in Brooklyn and this is his first baby. So his baby get boots.

The above is a cross stitch project I started - get this - 14 years ago. As in ten years plus another four. It is nearly done - I just have to fill in the sky and the walkway - and a few more columns on the house next door. WIll I ever finish it? Outlook good. I have kept it around all these years and I still have all the materials. So yeah, I'll finish. By the time I am 50, for sure.

I find knitting (and cross stitch similar to climbing (yeah, go ahead and laugh... no one I know does BOTH... just me) in that it turns off brain and creates hypnotic concentration. Right after my climbing trip in Peru, I went to the central market in Cusco and bought two kilos of baby alpaca yarn - rather a lot - for about $20 American dollars. I just finished sorting it. I plan to knit more baby things with it - just in case, you know. Leta and Buzz get pregnant again. (That'd be nice.)

Just as information, reader, I have two more posts on my mind right now, and both of them involve what you have come to expect from my blog, lately; sex or sexual anatomy, my slow descent into alcoholism, and my ravenous desire to climb places no one sane would ever set foot. But I thought a clean little entry about my craft projects might be tolerated for a day, and so now you have it.


Maggie said...

I knit baby hats too! Mine looks like fruits and vegetables...

And I have been known to go rock climbing, and have takena few classes, but am nowhere near as good as you are, of course.

The real trick would be to do both at the same time.

Nina said...

Maggie, I am not a very good rock climber. I love it, but good at it? No. I just do it. As for at the same time, yes that would be the trick of a lifetime. But now that you say so, I am sure there are other knitter/climbers. Even needle pointers, who knows.

Joel said...

i've got to admit those are some cute little clothes you knit. my does that little hat seem small! :p

oh, and your cross stitch! wow, you are VERY good at that! let me guess, you've been working on it for hours every night for 14 years to get it that good. :p

what kind of climbing do you do? scaling vertical walls of rock?