Monday, October 22, 2007


Because I did nothing but grade papers today, a few gems from my students:

"A man got no business to be perpetrating like he all this. A man got to keep it real."

Indeed. Keep it real, my friend.

"Swollen breasts, ravenous for bread and pasta, being pregnant will turn their world upside down."

I am glad you are pregnant and you can eat all the pasta and bread you can shove in. But please, don't make me picture YOUR BREASTS eating pasta... or having their world, or the world of the pasta, turned upside down.

"A man falls in love, burning down that long traveled path, out on a limb with no net, he is up a creek."

Couldn't you have squeezed one more metaphor in there, you know, for cliche mixing purposes?

Don't be fooled by my sarcasm. I love teaching. Really.

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