Monday, October 22, 2007

Who wins, Sri or Nina?

Shocked, stunned and horrified as you all were to hear that I relapsed and kissed a stranger in a bar, I can't help but reflect that perhaps Sri's adventures were the high point of the weekend.

I spent Friday night with UES pod~. I did so because I knew that if I chose to hang out with rock pod, I would be 100% likely to run into Larry. In case you are not up to date, Larry and I don't hang out. Even in a room with 100 other people in it. It simply cannot happen. So rock pod is off to a party where Larry is likely to be and I am off the hang out with UES because it has been way too long, etc.

I expect, because I am a complete fool, that rock pod's evening among 100 other people will go off without a hitch, even with Larry in the room. Gosh I am dim. Silly me.

9:23pm: phone ringing. I look at face plate. It's Bibi.

*apprehensive Nina* Hello?

*hysterical giggling, some shrieking in the background Bibi*: Nini, why didn't you come with us??? I can't believe you missed it. It was... oh my God.

*very worried Nina*: What the hell?

*subsiding giggles, some incoherent blah di dah and dah to cab driver Bibi*: Sri just went up to Larry, grabbed him by the shoulders, spit in his face, and backhanded him. *more hysterical laughter.*

*somewhat relieved Nina*: no on has incurred permanent injury, including Sri?

*phone grabbed by Sri*: It landed on his left cheek. Huge glob of spit. Then I smacked him and said he was the sorriest motherfucking bastard and blah blah blah

*Nina, picturing scene*: witnesses?

*phone grabbed by Bibi* about ten people. Party was winding down. But it was loud and Sri was screaming and it was great. He ran out and Pax followed him... I think he left alone though because after that he started texting me like it was my fault she was at the party because she is just crazy enough to do that kind of shit. OH, and told him off. I was texting but I told him off. I can't believed you missed it. Best party since.... ever.

So, internet friends, I might be kinda gross for kissing Some Guy this weekend (hello, I still feel dirty) but I don't know... I think Sri wins for weekend drama. Three pianos and a violin and ill-advised lip locking for me... yeah. But to publicly humiliate the Worst Person In The World? Pretty awesome, Sri.

Yes, someday I will explain why everyone hates Larry. Just not today.

~Brief explanation of pods:

I have three pods of friends. A pod shall be defined as a group of people who are friends with me and with each other. My pods rarely mix but might be acquainted with each other through one or two common interests or simply through luck. Here, a summary of my currently active pods:

UES Pod: people so important and lovely that they are like sisters. Sister pod is small, obviously, but two strange things to note about sister pod; it contains people who, in terms of ethnic background and/or nationality could in no way have been sisters except by being chosen as sisters because they are so fucking awesome. Sister pod also contains at least one member who has not met the others because she is overseas.

Rock Pod; Bibi, Sri, Pax, etc... this is a big pod and it includes everyone who wants to climb and wants to hang out after climbing. This pod is super laid back, can climb for hours and ever, will go anywhere and do anything for a chance to summit something, and they are think nothing of walking into a bar on a Saturday night carrying ten pounds of climbing gear, covered in chalk, with no make up on and messy hair. I love these people. Obviously. If some of them met UES pod, they might easily become dual members.

Badass Pod; Most of these girls rock climb, but they have an important qualifier or two that keeps them from being merged with rock pod; they live far away, as in Flushing or Westchester or Far Rockaway, and they also either have or ride motorcycles. Yes, you read that right. Girls with motorcycles. No lesbians in this pod, in case you were mentally going there... it's just that they are badasses. My connection with this pod is based on my gameness to try anything once. Except get on a motorcycle, even for a ride around the block. Motorcycles terrify me, and Badass Pod gets a lot of laughs at my expense because of this. In fact, my fear of motorcycles and the unlimited opportunity they have to make fun of me may be the primary reason they keep me around.

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