Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I am liar. I never posted again yesterday. I worked from 7am until 11pm, and today doesn't look to be much different. But I do have great hopes of being able to publish the aforementioned mighty post, but much later. As in after I do a whole real lot more work. Sorry and stuff. I'll blog and read blogs again soon.

Another Iceland picture.


country roads said...

that's a BEAUTIFUL picture.

Dagny said...



You know, I just remembered that I have actually been there, but only for a fuel stop on my way to Finland, back in the 90's. :) It looked pretty from the view of the Hard Rock cafe at the airport, where i was getting my seat mate to buy me beer. heh.

But since then I have always wanted to go back, and your pictures make that even more so.

Woodrow said...

I figure once a woman takes some yarn, and with her hands and heart turns it into some special just for me, she should be exempt forever from my word verification boycott.

LAS said...

Pretty picture! I'm counting on you Nina to post!!

utenzi said...

That's beautiful but I'd hate to start slipping down that slope.

Say It said...

I love wild flowers and waterfalls. Maybe I need to add Iceland to my list of places to visit one day...Man, that list is getting long.