Friday, March 28, 2008

Questions answered

Dear Nina,

1) How long will it be until you start writing real posts again? Lately it's all pictures and quizzes. What the F?

I am so overwhelmed by my various responsibilities that I consider every day that I don't get fired, get evicted, or get dead - an accomplishment. Wait, that doesn't answer the question. Seriously? May. As in when the semester is over.

2) When will you start responding to comments again?

All comments are loved, cherished, petted and given cookies, handmade socks, and beer. In my mind. Did I mention I am so busy I can barely find five minutes to give those gangsters over at Blog 365 their due? Seriously. If I don't post every day, they show up right in my computer (ok not really) and doing terrible things to me with their knowingness. Wait. Did I answer the question? The answer is "soon." (I honestly don't know. Thank you for your patience).

3) All your wanking self-pity is getting old. Get excited about something again. Go climbing. Get a life, ok?

OK. I will. Oh and for the record, I am happy today. Oh and I'll be blogging about why on Monday.


P said...

Hey, it's your blog so you can do whatever you want. That's what good about blogging. Also: I like the quizzes and pictures. In addition: are we not supposed to be self-pitying in our posts? Shit. I'm screwed.

nicoleantoinette said...

just want to say that i'm glad you're happy today! :)

Rick said...

Rock on. Don't sweat it.

Also, my comments have been LOVING the cookies, handmade socks and beer.

Except my comments prefer a darker brew, but, hey, who's complaining, eh?

Avitable said...

You want me to write a guest post or two for you?