Sunday, March 9, 2008

Sin of the Week, 3/9/08

Leaving aside the fact that I assaulted Some Guy with my breast the other day, and leaving aside the fact that I have been neglecting my job in the usual fashion, I have also to report that:

1) For the third week in a row, I canceled my tutoring appointment with my one and only paying student. And I canceled it twenty minutes before the appointment, so he was already on his way in from Brooklyn.

2) I might have (in my mind* only) called someone a retarded gorilla.

3) I haven't responded to all the awesome (and you have no idea how much appreciated comments) you leave on this here blog - in weeks.

4) You might without obvious unreason call me a newly minted drug addict. I have to take stuff to get to sleep at night. For a person who used to be able to sleep standing up on a moving bus, this is indeed a defeat.

5) I got ragefully jealous when I found out that Julie - my own personal internet friend who I talk to all day, every day - has been soliciting on her blog for additional internet friends. As if I were not enough for her. Supajewie, WTF?

Mighty Tribute Post goes up tomorrow. It was my original intention to mention and link to every person who has ever commented. I am still going to try. If you want to make extra certain that I get you in there, comment on the review post below. (I won't respond directly to the comment, probably, and yes that does make me a shabby blogger. But I will love that you commented and I will smear all kinds of gooey blog love all over you tomorrow. I hope that helps).

* Oh and I might have said it out loud once or twice to Julie on IM. But that totally doesn't count.


Avitable said...

It was me, wasn't it? I'm the retarded gorilla. *sob*

Julie said...

Yeah, I'm soliciting (back off folks, not with a red light above the door...). You work some days for many hours and I miss you desperately and need someone to talk to. I'm sure the conversations wouldn't be nearly as much fun nor would they be laced with as much profanity (which is fun as well!) but I just get so lonely...


Dagny said...

I'm sorry that sleep has defeated you for the time being. As a long time insomniac, let me tell you I am sorry. (((hug)))


And could your word verification be any longer? I need to know.

hpbxvpmn is just ridiculous!


DumDiDum said...

Next time you can't sleep check out the Bonnie and Clyde inspired song I've dedicated to you!

Annie said...

Your sins sound kind of tame this week. Really I know you can do better...And I hope you get some sleep soon.

Em said...

I'm trying to steal Julie from you, Nina. I am. :-) But, I don't know. . .maybe there's enough of her to go around.