Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sin of the week, 3/30/08

Well, anyway.

To be all official about it, the worst thing I did this week, probably, was call out sick when I wasn't sick. I was overpowered with having too much work to do of other kinds. So I did it. The calling out. I didn't even feel guilty about it. I still don't.

Other notable bad behavior:

1) swearing
2) drinking
3) eating too many jelly beans
4) upsetting my friends by not returning their phone calls and emails
5) having hateful thoughts about my headologist
6) drinking an entire 24 ounce can of beer at 2 o'clock on Friday afternoon
7) firing an unlicensed firearm (and indoors, too)

You betcha I'll be telling you more about that tomorrow.

Happy Sunday.


Annie said...

I know you left #7 unexplained so we will be sure to check back tomorrow to see what the hell went on :-). Hope you and cat-head are alright.

Avitable said...

You started shooting fruit flies, didn't you?

LAS said...

I used to call in sick when I wasn't sick! Now I call it a mental health day - except that I am so busy I can never take such days. Just call it that - mental health day. The sad part was - I used to plan such "sick" days several days in advance (kinda like trying not to have a mental break down until June)... I want to hear about the firearm!! I wanted to shoot down at the farm and we didn't have a chance. Drat. Hmm, my sin of the week - well - I think you know what it is.

M@ said...

So cute... a woman and her therapist. An "archetypical" relationship.

Dagny said...

you are a badass. I am not sure my mom would like me hanging out with you. heh.

Kate P said...

Wait, there's such a thing as eating too many jellybeans? I just can't imagine that.

LizB said...

You drank an entire beer? Pppppt. Lightweight. Hehe. Your sins are not so bad this week, but I am waiting to hear about firing and unlicensed firearm indoors.