Saturday, March 15, 2008

You can come out, now

Soon to be former NY governor Eliot Spitzer has reportedly not been seen outside his apartment since resigning his office on Wednesday.

Mr. Spitzer (isn't the rhyming kind of fun?),

No one likes you anymore - true. Everyone thinks you are kind of gross, absolutely. (Some people who will not be named think you are a super-hero; but I don't speak for them).

That said, do you really think everyone in the city would wish you to skip your morning jog that you love so much, just because you just got your ass handed to you? Do you really think we'd all like for you to live on take out four days straight, just because you behaved like a jackass? Do you really think anyone would wish unending confinement with your wife on you - just because you fucked up (pun very intended) in exactly the same way, uh, let's just say "lots" of people fuck up?

Well ok. Maybe we do wish a lot of Chinese food on the couch with your wife on you. Maybe we don't feel bad that you've had to skip your workouts and face your kids. But you can't hole up in there forever, and I was happy to hear that you at least made it to the lobby last night.

It's ok to actually leave the building tomorrow, in case you were wondering if you would be instantly smacked upside the head by a crabby yellow-haired private citizen who is desperately short of blog material, really tired and recently ate a slice of extra cheese pizza. So come on out and go to church tomorrow. You are quite safe. (From me, anyway).

Not liking you,
(Thanks, NY1.)


Mr. Bingley said...

Couldn't have happened to a more deserving putz.

I just feel so sorry for his poor daughters.

And, of course, his wife, who now really ought to go get checked for STDs and HIV.

Em said...

I'm not sure I'd want to come out right away if I were him. But you're right this is a common fuck up.

Sturdy Girl said...

People are human after all - all of us fuck up from time to time. It's true, while a lot of people don't approve, not as many would be willing to cast the first stone, is all.