Monday, March 24, 2008

I think his name

"With insomnia, you are never really asleep and never really awake. Everything goes thin and papery. Everything is copy of a copy of a copy."

"No, no, I want bowel cancer!"

"Marla's philosophy of life is that she might die any minute. The tragedy, she said, is that she didn't."

"On a long enough time line, the survival rate for everyone goes to zero."

"Have you ever heard a death rattle before? Do you it will live up to its name? Or will it'll be just a death hair-ball... Air to evacuate soul... 10, 9, 8...5, 4, 3..."

"You have to consider the possibility that God does not like you. In all probability, he hates you. It's not the worst thing that can happen."

"It is not until we have lost everything that we are free to do anything."

"This is your life your life, and it's ending one minute at a time... if you wake up in a different time, in a different place, could you wake up as a different person?"

What was his name again?


P said...

Is this from Fight Club?

Rick said...

Narrator/Tyler Durden

This Wiki Article is actually pretty well done.


Finn said...

Well this was depressing. Thanks ever so much. :D

Carrie said...

"Dealing with her father's illness, a painful breakup, and the inertia of depression, Emm decides to launch into the world of competitive rock-climbing. Whatensues is her quest through the rugged (and often humorous) terrain of physical training and human relationships. Poetic and athletic, "Grace, or the Art of Climbing" is the journey of a young woman suspended between muscularity and vulnerability, falling and climbing, and the ardor and grace of being human."

This play is either written by you, or a YSD student got (at least the scenario - dunno about the actual text of the play) creeeeepily close to what you're going through.

Anonymous said...

A girl who quotes Fight Club...

Marry me, Nina.

UrbanHippieMama said...

Tyler Durden!!

ahhh...what a classic. :)

does this exemplify the state of our dear nina?? i certainly hope not.

LizB said...

Tyler Durden is the most intriguing character ever. Now I am going to have to watch the movie again. :)

M@ said...

OMG! What if I woke up to find that I was you!? And then I didn't even have a boyfriend... Jesus.

nicoleantoinette said...

Spectacular movie.

Effortlessly Average said...

Hey, that was Tyler Durden. Well, most of them anyway.

Now don't go shooting yourself in the face. That hurts.