Friday, October 26, 2007

My Name is Cat-head

My name is Cat-head and I am singing about myself
I push away my water dish; my food is on the shelf

I like to lick the shower drain and sleep upon the tiles
When I sing about myself my meow is heard for miles

My face is in the toilet; it's my favorite place to drink
The water is the best in there; of germs I do not think

Persian cats are cats like me and Cat-head is my name
I love myself, I sing all day, my songs are never lame

My human does not like my songs; she says they rot her brain
My loudest songs I save for days she has to catch the train

Packs her bag and slams the door, runs to the elevator
I sing my song all day long; there's plenty more for later.

When she gets home, I hear her feet, I bust out my MEOW
Keys in the door, bag on the floor, my song is happy now

My human thinks I meow and sing because I need attention
Nina is a lazy drunk, but this I should not mention



My name is cat-head and my song is just for you
If you had to live with me, you'd be drinking too


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LizB said...

Haha. Nothing wrong with a little creativity. Love your cat's face.