Friday, April 11, 2008

$1040 an hour

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I was really pleased with this result until I realized that other women are worth more. Dammit. Don't my sweater orbs count for something? How about my silliness? And my lack of uninhibitedness? No?


Oh and thanks to Neilochka for posting this first.


Woodrow said...

I have no idea what a sweater orb is. So I googled it. And two of the top three results were on your blog. And I still don't know what a sweater orb is.

Effortlessly Average said...

I say sweater orbs count for a lot. I mean, over a grand per hour!?

Sizzle said...

I did this a while back and didn't post my score cuz, like the SATs, I did not break 1000.


Annie said...

Mine was 1071, just slightly more than you :-).

Em said...

I'm worth $1117. Hmm... interesting. Imagine if I had your boobs.