Monday, April 28, 2008

My people

Friday night at dinner, the game was "to say words that start with the 'ch' sound only".

Pop: chihuahua
Buzz: china
Leta: chisel
Nina: chin
Liam: chalupa

Pop: chomp
Buzz: chore
Leta: chill
Nina: chastity
Liam: what?

Pop: chop
Buzz: champion
Leta: cello
Nina: challis
Liam: choo choo train

Pop: chafe
Buzz: chow
Leta: chew
Nina: chink
Liam: chocolate

Do we sound boring to you at all? How about the next day when the game was to think of as many names for the wood-pecker in the maple tree... and we settled on "Bore"?

I am climbing tonight. Have a chalky Monday.


Julie said...

That sounds like fun to me. And I think the woodpecker should have been named "Hiram."

utenzi said...

I suspect you have to prepare friends before you bring them along to meet your family for the first time, Nina.

Finn said...

Cheers my friend!

jen said...

The cult of Blog365 has ruined me. I thought something awful happened because you missed a day. Seriously, I'm a little too wrapped up in your life.

Jamie said...

Hello there. I have been asleep for winter but now I am back. I missed your blog, but I will have fun reading what I missed.

be well