Thursday, April 17, 2008


I am getting better at climbing. Finally, finally. I finished a few routes last night, and it took three instead of two and a half hours for me to burn my hands out. Progress made.

Other news: we are looking into a trip to Boulder, CO for Memorial Day Weekend. Can we afford it? Not really. But when we consider that it's three nights and we can camp for two of them... well... it starts looking less expensive. Now all we need are men-folk to gather fire wood and drive our tent stakes. OK maybe we don't need them, but they would be nice.

Additional other news: I am now almost sort of caught up on my job. Ok not really. But a little bit caught up. And next week is a lighter week, which I will need while I push myself up and down all manner of stairs.

Fortunately, my dearest P made me the most fun and inspiring workout CD ever. Take a look see:

Please note: I DID recently receive other blogger gifts that are so fabuloso that I am still swooning. Swooning so completely that I have not yet written about them. Fortunately, the statute of post limitations doesn't run out until next week.

What is the most excellent gift you ever received from a fellow blogger? (If you haven't received any yet, let us know that, too. Knitting season is coming sooner than you think).



P said...

And I'm sure your climbing success was all on account of George Michael's rousing rendition of "Freedom 90." I think my crappy cover looks better in the photo than it does in person.

Ugh. I am super late with my post.

Finn said...

Hand-knitted socks, homemade soap and crazy-good hot chocolate mix with petite marshmallows. And then a book of photography - pictures of women. Gorgeous.

All from the same blogger -- all you other fuckers never send me shit. ;P

Em said...

I have only ever received one gift from a blogger and it was a CD. It was/is great.

Glad to hear there is improvement on the climbing front.

LAS said...

I received a whole bag of treats to eat from a fellow-blogger and a whole bunch of prints - photos that the person had taken and posted and I loved them - she sent copies.

jen said...

A cactus shot glass.

Dan said...

A couple of people sent me t-shirts from their university football teams. They are really cool.

nicoleantoinette said...

I took part in a Secret Blogger Santa thing this past holiday season and got some GREAT stuff! Like the Nicole Antoinette banner on my blog, a fantastic recipe for mini cheesecakes, and some other fun goodies.

I also got a signed copy of one of my favorite books.

Bloggie friends are the best! Ooo, and congrats on the climbing improvements!

Annie said...

I am too new to the blogging world, so no gifts yet, but it sounds lovely...

nightfly said...

Swapped CDs with a blog buddy - but the greatest gift is the friendships themselves.

(We now return you to your regularly-scheduled, non-sappy commenting, already in progress.)

Kate P said...

Oh, that Barbie! Even when she goes climbing she has the perfect outfit.

I've been blogging only since December, so at this point I consider any comments I get to be gifts.

123Valerie said...

Oh, that P--she's a doll.

Well, working backward chronologically: Woodrow sent some kick-ass venison jerky, Winter sent a postcard, Franki gave us her lovely spirit and Matt Animalmind lent his friendship and insight.

Not half bad, I'd say.

Still, a pair of knitted socks is a bit more tangible.