Saturday, April 12, 2008

Weekend workout

So I am off to NJ this weekend to play with the adorable and never ending talk-a-thon, Liam.

We are going to build a fire tonight:

And at least one of us will noing on some Bobby:

I will report tomorrow evening after a full schedule of noinging and chasing Liam around the yard. Yes, it counts as Kili training.

Happy Saturday.


Cylithria said...

YOu and Liam have a wondrous time Lady :) Happy Weekend to you

Anonymous said...

Oh ow! My ovaries...

Em said...

That totally counts. Holy crap, that reminds me... I suck at exercising right now.

Jennifer said...

O.M.G!!! Liam is sooo cute!!! What a total sweetheart he is!! :)

You sound like an awesome aunt!! :) I love the bunny hat! Did you make one for his Bobby too??? :)

I bet you guys had/are having a great time!! Today was an awesome day out weather wise!

I think any exercise should count and trust me chasing around a 3 yr old is definitely exercise!!

Have a great night and I hope you enjoyed your visit with Mr. Liam!!

Hugs, Jenn

cajunvegan said...

He's adorable. And, the best part is you can spoil him rotten and not have to take him home to deal with all the harm you do later.

Have fun.

LAS said...

Did you make smores over the fire? That's what I want right now. He's cute - makes me miss my nephew like I always say. I hope you are having a good weekend!