Sunday, April 6, 2008

Sin of the Week, 4/6/08

I had several drinks. I had about four, actually.

And then before I knew it, I was at a comedy club down in Soho.

Then a bunch of girls were dancing around in their underwear. That wasn't very interesting.

Then a bunch of boys were dancing around totally naked.

Damn those girls. Oh wait. I have confused myself.

At The Pit Friday night. Couple of beers. Bibi and Sri. And me. And serendipitously, it was Naked Boys Improv night (I really don't think this was serendipitous, myself - nor was it an accident; my friends have been punishing me for being a crappy friend - more on this later). So without really knowing what to expect, I watched clever smart boys (they were all under 30, certainly) performing various skits and improv-ing quite well and then, well, gosh. They started stripping. And then one after another, they all took their pants off and I was staring at six naked men. Or was it seven? Good lord. It could have been eight, for all I know. I just know it was a whole lot of naked for a woman who hasn't been on a date in two years.

Was this display of manflesh exciting? Well, it was funny. Did it turn me on? Not even slightly.

So was it a sin?

Anyway I did smoke a whole bunch of hooka later that night and I might have had a martini and several Jack and cokes. Sin enough for one week, anyway.

See you tomorrow.


Dagny said...

Good for you!!!!!!!

And all the naked men!!! hehee.

LAS said...

My sin of the week - doing something I did not want to do, even though I knew I did not want to do it, but I did it anyway. Okay, let's be honest here, I did one thing that I didn't want to do, and one thing that I should not have done, but wanted to do. But I walked 4 miles this morning. As if that makes up for it.

LizB said...

If looking at naked men didn't turn you on, it wasn't a sin. It was a tragedy! :) Hehe.

Annie said...

Doesn't sound very sinful to me, but then I am not Catholic :-). Sounds like you had some much needed fun!

Neil said...

It's interesting that women need to make believe they are going to a comedy show to go to a strip joint.

Mrs. Who said...

Watching nekkid men? Well, I like your sin, 'cause now my sin don't look so bad. I can skip confession this week, tee-hee!

And is it really a sin if you laughed at them? I think not.

Finn said...

Ain't no sin to admire the wonder of what God made.

The sin is that it did nothing for you. :(

Em said...

The best kind of sin

Avitable said...

I watch a naked man every morning in the mirror and it turns me on!

Jennifer said...

I've never tried hooka...what's it like?

Jennifer Griffin-Wiesner said...

Oops...that was me with the hooka question. Did something funky with my ID.

Maggie said...

Ooh, Jack and coke is my casual bar-drink too! (as opposed to fancy places where you know they can get a real cocktail right.)

Okay, my sin of the week is that after two years of flirtation, frustration, alienation and standoffishness, the Lumberjack suddenly - FINALLY - kissed me. And I let him, and I loved it. And then I went home alone like a good girl, only to text with him until 3 am to assure him that it was okay for him to do that, and I enjoyed it.

And THEN I did not tell my BF about it like I'm supposed to, because he was busy trying to sort of propose and I was busy trying to head him off and not let him, so I would not have to say no. Which was not because of the kiss, but knowledge of the kiss would have only muddied the issue at hand.

Damn I miss you Nina, still sorry I disappeared for so long, but please don't hold it against my sinful self. I'm telling you, Dark and Stormys, we need them. Brooklyn?