Thursday, April 10, 2008

Overheard at the gym

Marco, route setter and trainer: So Nina's back.

Curly, lead climber: Yeah.

Marco: how long was she gone, you think?

Curly: too long, apparently. She's wrecked.

Marco: Yeah.

Curly: (laughing) I heard her bitching to Sri that her fingers hurt.

Marco: Jesus.

Curly: Yeah, well she lost all her conditioning. She's like a baby all over again.

Marco: Anyone know where she's been?

Curly: Something about being busy or something.

Marco: Well she looks like shit. She's going to have to turn it up if she wants to summit Kili.

Curly: I imagine she will. No choice, really.

Marco: Sri looks great.

Curly: Yeah. Nina brought her here totally green about a year ago and now she can kick Nina's ass.

Marco: Bet it pisses her off.

Curly: (laughing) Then you don't know Nina. She could care less. Happy for her, I imagine.

First of all, I only overheard the first half of that conversation. Sri overheard the second. And you would think, wouldn't you? that it stings.

It doesn't sting.

And anyway, it's all true. I re-suck at climbing, Sri can kick my ass, and I am happy for her. And I am going to have to turn it up the ELEVEN if I think I am going to be able to climb Kili or any other damn thing this summer.

So starting now, if you catch me on email or IM or my new nemesis, Gchat, please tell me to put down the whiskey, step away from the computer, and go run some stairs. I have a little more than 90 days and I need every single one of them.

Thursday is a long day. I hope yours is good.


Dagny said...

All set to kick your ass missy!!!

And you are a better woman than me, I would have started crying like a baby or something...LMAO.

Now hit the stairs!!!!!!!!!!

Julie said...

I'll kick your ass in a heartbeat. If you show up on my IM at 215 today you can bet I'll tell you to get your ass on the stairs.

P said...

Jeez...tough crowd. Well, the thing about losing one's "conditioning" is that you can always find it again. You've got 90 days and YOU WILL FIND IT. I am going to make you an inspirational workout CD tonight for tomorrow's drop off. Watch out.

Finn said...

90 days? Better take that whiskey to go.

GO! GO! GO! Stairs! Sweating! Heavy breathing! GO!

Em said...

What's Gchat?

utenzi said...

I happen to like soft fingers, Nina. That hard core stuff is for kids. ;-)

Jennifer said...

i'm glad you take it like a woman and not get upset!!
i know you'll do what you have to do to get back into shape to climb... i wish i had someone to kick my ass into shape... boy do i need it.
good luck.

M@ said...

You're like George Kastanza leaving a running tape recorder lying around to pick up gossip, you.

Kate P said...

90 days, oh my gosh--Go, Nina!

jen said...

I will virtually kick your butt all the way to Kili.

Effortlessly Average said...

Oh c'mon, it's not that hard. It's just like riding a bike. With a little practice, you'll be able to climb right back on. Wait... are we talking about sex? No? Oh, well I'm sure you'll regain whatever you are talking about. heh

country roads said...

Thanks, Nina :-) You can review it if you like, but be gentle :-)

123Valerie said...

I will if you will.

"Step away from the whiskey!"