Wednesday, April 16, 2008


What's that, you say?

It's the number of papers I need to grade by the end of the day. Rewrites, most of them, but damn... It is going to be a rough day. And yes, I am going to the gym tonight.

Oh and here's your Larry update: We went out to dinner the other night (that would be the night I got told to come to Jesus) and Pax, the only one of us who still hangs out with Larry, has recently learned that Larry and his new crew of sycophants climb at our gym.

You might be wondering, since we are in that gym on a near daily basis, how we could never have seen him. Well, I'll tell you. It's because of Thursday.

Sri works late on Thursday. I have a meeting every Thursday night until 830. Bibi doesn't like to climb alone, and so she never goes on Thursday.

Larry always climbs on Thursday and on no other day. (If you were reading back when I told the Larry story, you know how busy a boy he is. Click on that Larry label if you care to find out).

Initially, we were all grossed out beyond measure to know that such a disgusting person was all over our climbing holds, that on Friday nights when we showed up to climb, the wall would still be hot with his nastiness.

Then we had another thought: we know his schedule. We never have to see him there if we don't want to.

And then we had a third thought. If we do want to run into him, say, on a Thursday, we know just where to find him. Sri's idea is that sometime just before Kili, we should all show up to climb on a Thursday, just to wreck his day and make him all itchy and uncomfortable.

Could we be any more immature and vengeful? I think not.

Happy Wednesday.


utenzi said...

Such immaturity is quite amusing, Nina. Do let us know how your devious plan pans out. :-)

Julie said...

I love it.

Dooooo it, man.

Annie said...


Em said...

Definitely, show up.

ByJane said...