Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Mean girls

I had another bruising night at the gym. After getting crushed and tearing my hands to bits, we went to Rachel's, one of the many restaurants that will seat a bunch of girls covered in chalk and sporting inexcusable hair. At Rachel's, we compared our calendars and mapped out our training schedule for the summer. We will be climbing Mt. Washington, Mt. Marcy, and if Sri has her way, we'll be going out to Colorado to climb Snowmass Mountain. We will also be hopping Breakneck a whole bunch of times and we'll do Gertrude's Nose a whole bunch too.

After reviewing this training schedule in its full glory, I started to feel a little bit trembly and squeamish.

Have I mentioned I am thick and ordinary? Have I told you I have been face first in a plate of cookies for the last eight months?

Yes. I have mentioned. I have told. You totally know.

Guess who else knows? My awesome (but mean) friends, who staged what might be categorized as a climbing intervention last night by saying, in no so many words:

We are not going to Africa and leaving a climber at camp five. We are ALL summiting. Time to come to Jesus, Nina.

OK so perhaps they didn't mention Jesus, seeing as one is Jewish, one is Buddhist, and the other is Muslim. But isn't it Jesus who is supposed to hook you up when you are short on whatever goodness you need to do better?

Right Right?

Tune in tomorrow for a Larry update. Yes, there is one.


Dagny said...


Now hit the stairs bitch!!


LAS said...

Oh....YES....a Larry update!

P said...


I am so impressed by your training and your support network.

Maggie said...

I second what P said. I wish I had a kicking support network like that. hell, I wish I had someone into climbing who would hold the other end of the rope for me!

Finn said...

Them's some good friends... shape up kiddo.

Sizzle said...

What kind of cookies?

Julie said...

I'm actually jealous. About the restaurant thing. Not the gym. But yes, hit those stairs!

Annie said...

Wow. Hugs. I know you can do it. I am not jealous at all. I climbed one mountain in my life and never again :-).

123Valerie said...

He's baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack.

Catherine said...

1) LOL, Sizzle

2) You don't know this (although I suppose now you do), but you are inspiring me. I'm looking to work a lot harder and could use to know things like people face first in plates of cookies go train to climb mountains and then actually climb mountains. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Fuck. Off.

Larry? Still? Again?

Wait...is he going to Kili with you?

*diving (again) into your archives*

LizB said...

Oh, a "come-to-Jesus" meeting. Haven't heard that one since I left SC. Heh heh. I'm sure have your best interest at heart (skinny bitches).

Kate P said...

That's tough love for ya. Jesus kicked some butts in the Gospel, too.

Em said...

HAHA! A climbing intervention... wow. I think I might cry if I was you. (Then I'd get to work of course.)

I can't wait to hear about Larry.