Wednesday, April 2, 2008

It's really dirty in here

No, no, not that kind of dirty.

I am referring to the fact that I can't really find time to do normal things, like housework, blog posting, working out - hell, even showering has to be squeezed in between emails and seemingly endless stacks of papers that are screaming to be graded.

Damn it all.

Why do I do this to myself?

Oh. Right. So I can pay bills and travel.

I have nearly reached the point where I call out sick so I can right my ship. Oh wait! I did that last week! And my ship was righted for about half a day before the whole nother big wave of crazy capsized me again.

So anyway when I woke up at dawn, I took this picture for you:

In the area of good news not yet reported:

1) my knee is no longer mysteriously sprained
2) I slept a reasonable number of hours, three nights in a row (yes, that's a big deal)

And yes there is a mega-post in the works about a box (or two) of goodness I received in the mail last week from my favorite blogger. Yes, I do have a favorite. Deal with it. (Ok, I love everyone but this week I love one particular blogger, extra).




utenzi said...

That's good news about your knee, Nina, and congrats on getting a box of goodies.

Annie said...

Glad you are sleeping. Hope you get some time off soon.

LAS said...

I've slept pretty well multiple nights in a row also, amazingly.

Dan said...

sleep is good.

Finn said...

Yeah for the good news!

Wait... I didn't send you anything... ;)

Julie said...

I'm really glad you're sleeping, given that I'm the one who usually has to contend with your exhausted ramblings.

Kidding. Love ya.

Sturdy Girl said...

I too can be bought with a box of goodies. Just putting it out there.

Jennifer Griffin-Wiesner said...

Nina, I need to know about the firearm! I am terrified of guns and could not sleep a wink with one in my home. Do solve this mystery of how you have come to be armed AND finally sleeping!

Avitable said...

If you gave me your address I'd totally send you a package. And not just my package.

Dagny said...

That pic kicks ass.

And so glad you got some sleep.

yay for that.