Friday, April 11, 2008

As requested

So my pal Em dropped by a few minutes ago and expressed an interest in seeing a picture of my Julie, my person that I talk to all day long on instant messenger because, gosh, Julie and I are joined at the back of the mind.

Simpatico. Obviamente.

Take a look how cute she is:

You're welcome. Have a good weekend.


Dagny said...

Hot mama Julie!!!


Julie said...

Why thank you, Nina. I think you're cute too.

And Dagny, hush.

Em said...

Wow, I get what I ask for over here. How nice.

Julie!!! You are so cute!!

Thanks, Nina!

Catherine said...

CuteCuteCute, also the bunny tshirt is way cute too. Hooray Supajewie! (sp?)

Avitable said...

And she has a Happy Bunny shirt on. That means she's awesome.

Can I request a picture of the two of you making out?

LizB said...

Julie, you're gorgeous, and you have good taste in shirts. I have so much Happy Bunny stuff, including a calendar that a student gave me. The January page says, "It's not my fault you're dumb." Teehee, that's my favorite.

Annie said...

Beautiful Julie and just a beautiful inside! You too Nina :-).

P said...

cuteness explosion!

Jennifer said...

She is very cute!! love her hair!! :)