Friday, April 25, 2008


Today is April 25, 2008, and as soon as I do my laundry, wash dishes, vacuum, dust, deposit my paycheck, fill out a form, fax a form, climb for an hour, run for an hour, wash my inexcusably long hair, and pack my bag...

I am going to New Jersey to see my dad, my brother, my Leta and my Liam. Last time I was there, I took a picture of this creature in the back yard:

I'll take more pictures this weekend, and maybe even post a few of my dad, who alive and well 33 weeks after he was told he had 2 weeks to live.


See you tomorrow.


Jennifer said...

i wanna go away for the weekend... and I wish my hair was long... i should have never cut it around x-mas time... oh well. i hope you have a GREAT weekend w/ nice weather!
can't wait to see your pics of this weekend and hear all about your family... especially little liam!! :) he is a QT! :)

hugs, jenn

Annie said...

Have a great time! So glad you dad is hanging in :-).

ellie said...

cherish every moment with him -- it's a gift.

Dagny said...

Have a good time with Dad.


Julie said...

I hope you have a blast!

Steph said...

He needs to get a doctor with a better crystal ball.

Love the robin pic.

imaginary binky said...

Ah, robin redbreast. How you vex me when I think that you should really be called robin orangebreast. I guess that doesn't roll off the tongue quite as well.

Cherish these days with your dad. Good grief, if I'd only known... you know?