Sunday, December 2, 2007


I knew that sometime or another, God would give me break and let something good happen to me.

It is snowing.*

As soon as I have properly caffeinated myself and applied my boots, hats and fluffy down coat, I will take pictures of the awesomeness and post them right here where the Sin of the Week should be.

(OK you might get a sin of the week later).

Until then, hold yourself over with this picture:

*Clarification for all you haters out there: I love snow.


LAS said...

I myself do not love snow - and we had terrible weather here in Chicago yesterday - but - I LOVE this photo!! It makes me want to love snow! It's beautiful! Is it Tuesday yet? I'm in need of another installment of Larry. I don't know what I am going to do when this story concludes!

Nina said...

To enjoy snow, one must look up, not down. Of course it's cold, wet and inconvenient. But I do love it because it is pretty on its way down. I dearly love glancing to the right and see Queens whited out by blizzard-like conditions.

I don't know if this is good news or not, but the Larry story is not close to being over. For one thing, the epic finale post I am writing is too long. It is at least three posts. Also Bibi and I went climbing last night and it seems that there are new developments, none of them good. The real question is how long the few people who graciously show up here on Tuesdays will put up with the story.

Woodrow said...

It's seventy something degrees here today.

And I'll be here 'till the bitter end, my dear. I'm hoping he suffers great embarrassment.

em said...

I'm anxious for more Larry too.

And I agree snow is pretty, but I was very much anti-snow until I learned to snowboard. Now, I'm happy to see it, but only when I want to play in it.

Nina said...

Woodrow, how do you stand that? It's December. Need. Cold. More Larry tomorrow. Have to finish writing it in between grading all these really bad essays.

Em, I want to ski this winter, at least cross country. I admire your bravery with the snowboarding... teach your kids if they don't already know. The earlier they learn the more confident they'll be. I didn't learn to ski until I was in my twenties and I am still not great at it.