Friday, December 21, 2007

Midtown Treasure Hunt: A story in pictures

A week ago today, I got the following message from Persephone:

A gift under the
Christmas tree in Bryant Park -
Treasure in the trunk.

I was quite ready to take a break from my judicious grading and thoughtful commenting and go on a treasure hunt. I checked the weather: cold. Very. I decided that since this was a clandestine mission, (and also since it was cold) that I should wrap my head up like a Bedouin before I left:

I wrapped myself up in my most unflattering full length down coat (trust me: I look like a roll o' paper towels dipped in tar when I wear it) and off I went. I chose a southern approach so I could take this (blurry) picture of the lights at Lord & Taylor:

Then I turned the corner into Bryant Park and made my approach:

Then I approached some more:

Then I made my final approach:

By this time I was giddy. I was under the tree... in Bryant Park. With the lights all around me:

I walked around the base of the tree, peeking in among the boughs. And lo:

So I reached in:

I wsa giddy. Then I opened the package and I was really giddy. Because here is what I found inside:

Plus two CDs, arranged by Persephone, one titled Girls Against Boys and the other titled Boys Against Girls. I'd tell you what's on them but it's privileged information (except I can tell you my new favorite song is called "Brad and Suzy").

Mitteny happiness is nothing to this.

Thank you, Persephone. I love my CDs and the artwork and, well, the perfecty-perfectness of it.


P said...

Oh my God - you look like the girl in the "We're Fucking Serious" illustration by Borf! Same headgear! Loved this post and very happy that you liked the CDs.

Willowtree said...

Damn! All I ever find under the trees around here is dog shit.

Say, you look pretty cute, in a Symbionese Liberation Army kind of way.

123Valerie said...

A big ole bowl of Yay!

Nina said...

P, I am not making this up - I left the house like that and did my searching with my face wrapped up like a Bedoiun, no kidding. I LOVE the music. Love it.

Willowtree, didn't someone from Wisconsin or whereever just MAIL you an enire package of goodness? PS... how do I get people to do that for me?

Valerie, Yay, indeed. I am so loving this music. Mittens for you? I wasn't kidding.

Willowtree said...

Yeah but that's not the same as finding it under a tree.

Okay here's what you do, just be a real jerkwad, and people seem unable to stop themselves from trying to turn you into a nice guy through random acts of kindness. At least that's how I do it (and I'm in to double figures on the parcel count now!).

Willowtree said...

Wisconsin was the package before last, the last one was from Alberta, Canada.