Monday, December 24, 2007

Lampshade on my foot

I am overwhelmed. Ok, freaking out. I have forty-five minutes to get out the door to Penn Station so I can spend Christmas with Liam. But meantimes, my apartment is a disaster, I have not packed, my hair is unkempt, and I have not yet finished knitting the scarf. (There is a scarf I am knitting. We'll talk about it later).

Anyway my dad shows every indication of not dying before tomorrrow, so I just wanted to remind you (in case you are the sort of person who sits in front of the computer on Christmas day) that I promised, if my dad was still alive, to post a picture of myself on Christmas day. It'll go up at, like, say, 8am, and will remain until, like, say 5pm. Then I am deleting it and we'll all pretend that never happened. Etc.

So anyway, lampshade on my foot, no clean socks, hate my hair, can't find wallet, pants all wrong, where's my stocking... I gotta go. Like right now.

Merry Christmas. (Until tomorrow).


P said...

A picture - that is quite an exciting prospect!

Sorry our mitten/present/suh'in' drop-off/pick up didn't happen today, but F. and I will look forward to giving/getting goodies in Jan.

P.S. Does anyone think it's weird that people hate "corduroy" more than the word "moist?" "Spunk" also gives me the willies.

LAS said...

You know what I was thinking - why in the world are you posting when you only have 45 minutes!!! I'll check back for the photo - I'll be posting one of myself as well in the near future, but only briefly.

Maggie said...

I think Corduroy is an absolutely LOVELY word. Go figure, huh?

Nina said...

P, corduroy creeps out a lot of people. Both the word and the fabric.

LAS, I have this mental thing wherein I must post every day. So I do. Even when the post is absurd and un-postable.

Maggie, some people fear corduroy. My poll proves it.