Thursday, December 27, 2007


Picture is reposted because I got nine emails saying "NO FAIR." I am going back outside to chink the rock wall (and launch the chicken) and after that I am going to finish knitting a pair of socks and go to the local yarn market. I'll write more later.


country roads said...

going outside to launch the chicken...hehehe. I'm glad I read the post below.

I want one.

LizB said...

Launch the chicken sounds like a weird euphemism for something sexual or perhaps bathroom related.

Sidebar: When I was teaching 7th grade, I taught my students the meaning of the word euphemism and allowed them to create euphemisms for going to the bathroom, such as "dropping the kids off at the pool." Seventh grade boys really like this.

Maggie said...

True, launching the chicken does sound, um, dirty. But also totally fun! Who procured the chicken-launcher, and who received it?

And speaking of yarn, isn't there some story of the scarf you were going to share?

Effortlessly Average said...

"...because I got nine emails saying "NO FAIR."

Yeah, and eight of them were from me.

And I agree with the others, "launch the chicken" sounds overtly suggestive, which I love btw. heh.

utenzi said...

You're so sweet to listen to the clamoring masses, Nina. And pretty too!