Monday, December 3, 2007


I like very little about life these days - this you know if you have been reading my internet diary for even fifteen seconds. Lately, however, I have developed a sublime appreciation for just how little I can predict about how the next hour of my life will unfold, let alone the next day.

Could I have banked, yesterday morning when I wrote my usual drivel and bull about how I suck at life and really ought to go to church that I would - through no machinations of my own - actually make it to church, but in a totally different neighborhood - and to a church I had never even heard of before and under circumstances I could in no way have predicted? Namely, a triumverate between Lola, Merry and I that ended in Lola crying, me feeling like a potted plant and Merry unsure of what the hell had happened? Could I have predicted that Merry and I would dash into a contemporary youth service at a local college and get completely engrossed in a sermon based on some guy in the bible I had never heard of? And then leave feeling like, gosh, if only that church didn't have interpretive dancers and the preacher didn't wear jeans and a hoodie, it might be kind of awesome?

I am sorry. Where was I?

Could I have predicted that the most important thing I would do all day is be present during the triumverate no one knew we were having? IN THE MIDDLE OF A GROCERY STORE?

Would I have bet that I'd come home so aggitated that I polished the silver? Hint: I have not done that since NEVER.

If you are not quite with me yet regarding just how unpredictable the course of each day is, check your google activity for yesterday. Could you have predicted that you'd get a sudden yen to search tree frogs because you were just thinking about the grippy fingers of those creatures and how great it would be to be able to have some of that stickiness because it would help you be a better climber?

Of course you could not have predicted it. Because you didn't do it. But I did. My hands hurt like hell last night after two hours of climbing.

I know you can't tell from this photo but that hand is ragged from trying to climb a route my gym calls "second base" - I never did finish it but it gave me tree frog fantasies. I must finish that route.

Or did you just look at monkey photos or study the NASA website of write an email, for no particular reason, to someone you had not heard from in years? Did you think you'd see a picture of an okapi today?

Well, you just did.

I know nothing about what is coming next, even if I have plans. This minute, this hour, this day, this week, this entire life. I just don't know. I don't think any of us do, and I rather like that, especially since all my recent predictions about how my life would go have completely sucked and almost none of them have (so far) come true.

So bring on the treehugging girafo-zeebs. Tomorrow it will be plate techtonics or holiday baking or color coding my file cabinet - or something else entirely. I can hardly wait to find out what it will be.


e! said...

For me, not knowing what each new day will bring is essentially what keeps me from staying asleep.

Nina said...

E, thanks for stopping by.

Yes, I understand what you mean. It has been like that for me too, mostly because of my own terrible predictions of what the day will bring. But it is rarely the things that I was afraid of happening that come true. (OK, they sometimes or even often do. But with all those unwelcome things I am beginning to appreciate the girafo-zeebs because some of those things are at least amusing.

I hope, if you are one of those people that loses way too much sleep, you find a way rest and maybe also get an unexpected harmless tree frog or two in the meantime.

The Horny Bitch said...

That's the 1st time in my life I come across a okapi.. What the hell is it?!

Nina said...

HB, an Okapi is sort of like a giraffe but it's not. Obviously. The okapi is only found in Africa and is, in my opinion, very fun to look at.

Lisa b said...


you know I've been a little down about my life lately. this was a great inspiration.