Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Info: Re: Larry, WPITW

A few things I should have mentioned:

1) Names and occupations of all involved parties have been changed. No one who showed up here and read this story would be able to figure out who Larry or any of the rest of us are unless that person happened to know us in real life.

2) If someone who knew us did by some miracle find him or herself here, it would be istantly clear who I am and who was being talked about.

3) Even though it's unlikely this will happen, I don't want it to. Not at all.

4) Site traffic spikes something fierce on Tuesdays and all these hits in New York City are making Nina all itchy and uncomfortable.

5) Though I am convinced that the telling of this story can do Larry no harm in real life... well, you know that scene in The Untouchables where Al Capone (Mr. Robert Awesome DeNiro) screams "I want him DEAD. I want his wife DEAD. I want his children DEAD. I want his cousins DEAD..." etc? Yeah, that's about what Larry would say about me if he read this.

For these reasons:

1) The telling of this story really must come to a swift end both because it's getting old and because it's making me nervous.

2) Once the story is fully cooked, I will be deleting it. It's ugly. It can go away. If you really "like" it for some reason, just cut and paste it and you can ogle Larry's awfulness all you want long after I hit the delete key.

I have to go teach now. I'll type out episodes seven and eight when I get home and I will do my very best to get done with the final installment this week.

Until then, I just want you to remember one thing: I did this for you. I just couldn't help myself. Because you are so beautiful.


Persephone said...

Erm, that Tuesday spike may be due in part to me clicking your link every five minutes because I don't want to do my work. Plus, I'm now addicted to your blog. I can't afford any more addictions.

Dude, cover your tracks. I just got busted by an ex-boything who found my blog and got all...silent. And ominous. I don't blame you for wanting to delete the incriminating posts.

Woodrow said...

I'm paranoid like that too. Every month or two I'll go back and remove all posts that would let someone that knows me figure out who I am. I even started completely over with a new blog and name once after a family member found it.

Maggie said...

I used to do that as well. But then I realized, if I hate someone and have no respect for them, what on earth do I care if they are mad at me? Larry is the worst person in the world -- what do you care if he knows that you are describing this to strangers? Also, it sounds like anyone who would recognize him here already knows all the details, so you won't be revealing anything new to anyone who knows. And anyone who doesn't know won't make the connection.

I think you are safe, so take a deep breath and enjoy your public service.

nightfly said...

Jeepers... please be safe! Worst people in the world are best handled with care and discretion, and we wouldn't want you to catch nine kinds of hell for the sake of the story - especially since it's a story involving the real suffering of real people.

Nina said...

All, I am not THAT worried about it. I mostly struggle with the right/wrong aspect of even talking about this. On one hand, I think it's a good cautionary tale and on the other, I wonder if I am just exposing people (while not doing so) because I get some kind of grim pleasure out of drama. Whatever the answer, I have not really enjoyed telling this story as much as I have felt compelled to point out that this sort of thing happens in real life, not just in the movies.

I do know that these entries won't be here long. It's an ugly story, and I think once all interested parties have had their fill of it, delete key is the way to go.