Thursday, December 13, 2007

Prelude to a Mitten Heist

Magdalena Kennedy, Grand Duchess of Boston Internet Excellence, will be in New York City this weekend, prompting me to declare tomorrow double mitten fairy day. So there will be TWO sets of haiku clues tomorrow. Two sets of mittens. Two targets. One goal: mitteny happiness.*

Others who have expressed a desire for mittens: I have not forgotten you. If you are local (Fauxhawk, Ryan, Mayor Bloomberg, etc) please note that your time will come. Keep checking your blog and mine to see when your Friday comes. Non-locals, just send me an address and I send you some mittens.

* PS if you don't cick on that link, I will be most seriously displeased. Go now and click it. Click. It.


Maggie said...



I'm not even on the train yet, let alone anywhere near finding my mittens, and yet you have already achieved mitteny happiness on the Boston front!

I only hope that my New York awareness helps me find them, but I think I know where they are...

Thank you thank you!

Nina said...

No problemo. I have loved making them, hiding them, rehiding them. Just need to know your schedule and neighborhoods you frequent, and we're all set.