Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Tequila, Targets, Grossness

Just putting down my glass of tequila long enough to announce this week's mitten targets: Newsy and Susan.

Newsy is one of my oldest friends. She does not have a blog. She does run the frikkin' world (this is not formal writing... shut up! already) so that's ok. Susan is smart and funny and I like that she never called me out for referring to her blog as "Tractor Feed" rather than it's real name: Strictly Speaking. I needed my haiku to work. She never compained, because she is cool like that.

You might be wondering: Why am I sipping tequila?*

Because today, for the first time in my teaching career, I yelled at a student. I also found out I don't have funding for summer, so barring some kind of two-headed unicorn of a miracle, I am going to have to leave New York City in May. Just writing that makes me quake with... heartbreak. (But also something else... something a tiny bit like relief).

Another thing happened today that I am ashamed of, and it will take at least week for me to reveal it. This is not normal scale gross. Nothing but blog anonymity will permit me to write about it. So, uh, come for the mittens, stay for confessions of a batshit-crazy school teacher/rock climber on psyche meds. Or maybe the horror stories about cancer are what's really doing it for you. Whatever it is you want, we've got it.**

*Probably you are wondering why it isn't chardonnay. Let's just say it has been quite a day.

**Anyone else remember what movie that line is from?


Willowtree said...

Ok, let's see...

1. I'm here for the batshit crazy confessions.

2. I've got no idea what movie that's from, but judging by the costume Faye is wearing, I'll take a wild guess (two actually) and say Casanova or The Wicked Lady.

LizB said...

Is it Little Big Man? If you are batshit crazy, then I must be apeshit crazy. :) Confess to your heart's content.

country roads said...

Sometimes you just have to yell...I blame the other person for it because he/she provoked you to that point.

Also, who uses language like that in a college paper? Or a paper of any kind for that matter? That person or persons need(s) to be smacked.

Nina said...

Willowtree, I have plenty more batshit craziness where *glances around* all this came from.

LizB, yes! Little Big Man... did I mention I yelled at a student? *hanging head in shame.*

Country Roads, well see... the thing is you are not supposed to do that even if you are provoked. (I was). They use every kind of language in their papers and they do need to be smacked, most of them by the sting of the F.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, confess....what's up??

Sorry you might be having to leave New York.....or should I be relieved? Or both? At the same time?

P said...

Hold up, sister. You're leaving New York? That makes me sad. Stay and then we can have a beer.

utenzi said...

Maybe the funding will come through. Time to pray for mutant unicorns.

The room reminds me of the aunt's place in the movie Gigi but that didn't have Faye Dunaway in it.

Newsy said...

Don't you dare leave New York, I forbid it. You can't do that. Where would you live? In the frikkin sticks? I think not.

yeah mittens.

Dinner soon, I buying!!