Thursday, December 6, 2007


I read this post at Em's Finding Happy this morning, and I reflected, between grading paper 34,324,230,342 and paper 34,324,230,243, that I have never been much of a coveter. Of all the emotional and intellectual weaknesses one can have, I have escaped major bouts of jealousy. Because of the magical internet, I can prove this.

My overall jealousy rating, according to this test, (which I found courtesy of Liz) is low, as you can see, and I am very pleased with myself.

It's a good thing don't have a pride-o-meter, because I bet I'd have very, very different results.


Persephone said...

You are lucky. I'm a jealous bastard and I hate it.

Okay, I need more hints. I was last seen rummaging through potted plants in Bryant Park.

Slick said...

Yeah, I have my moments of totally sucks.

Lucky girl, you.

em said...

My score was 22.

That test, of course, measures some other forms of jealousy which I didn't talk about in my post. But, I'm glad to see my score is low too. What a waste of time that would be if I sat around getting pissed that my "coworkers" could afford better things then me!

Ryan said...

Your score was way lower than mine. I hate you all

LAS said...

Mine was 27!

LizB said...

Mine score was higher than yours. :X

The Horny Bitch said...

Haha. Pride-o-meter will be good.

Nina said...

Persephone, I have other faults.

Slick, sometimes. :-)

Em, yeah, I don't want other people's stuff either.

Ryan, somehow I knew you would score... higher than others on this test.

LAS, not bad at all. :-)

LizB, at least you didn't try to steal Persephone's mittens.

HB, I will post the pride-o-meter score as soon as I can find a good test.